Tips On How To Bounce Back After A Divorce

Tips On How To Bounce Back After A Divorce

Life after divorce doesn’t need to be riddled with complexities or hardships. Surely, the first few months or even the first year following your separation or divorce may be very challenging with all your new adjustments but they don’t have to be. You are now in full control of your new life and have new choices to make every day. Based on our client’s post-divorce lives we have put together a list of tips on how to bounce back after a divorce. We hope you find these helpful.

  1. Create a support system: Most of us have a tribe or group of people we can rely on whether they are friends or family during rough times. Make sure to reach out to these pack members routinely and let them know how you’re doing. Ask them how they’re doing too and keep them informed of what’s new in your life and seek advice from them when you feel the need to. People who genuinely care about you and have your best interests at heart are a great source of support following your divorce.
  2. Place your health and wellness as a priority: A lot of people forget that health and wellness is a very important part of any recovery – whether it’s from a physical injury, medical condition or a divorce. Whether you’re going for a walk daily or taking a conscious effort to eat healthy and more nutritiously – always remember that your health and wellness is the number one thing to focus on following a divorce. Taking care of yourself and focusing on self-care is a very important part of the whole process on bouncing back after a divorce. You may also want to consider getting therapy if you feel you need some professional help as well. There are fantastic therapists out there who can help with almost anything.
  3. Take time to reflect and re-discover yourself: After being married for a long time – you forget about things you used to enjoy doing solo. Take some time to reflect and re-discover yourself and what makes you happy. Whether it’s jumping on a motorcycle and going for a ride on long winding country roads or learning a new skill like crocheting – take some time to participate in activities that make you happy.
  4. Keep old friends but make new friends too: One of the things our clients mentioned repeatedly was the awkwardness in keeping old friends who were friends of your exes too. Surely get togethers may not be the same anymore so we recommend making new friends too.
  5. Pick up some new hobbies: Now is the best time to pick up new hobbies that interest you. You’re never too old or too young to learn a new skill set so spend some time picking up some hobbies that can keep you entertained.
  6. Go on a vacation and get some Vitamin D from the sun: Go on vacation. Whether by yourself or with friends or family – go get some sun (with sunscreen of course) and get some natural vitamin D. Sunlight is a proven remedy to help lift our spirits especially when we live in areas such as Alberta that don’t get a lot of sunlight during the winter.
  7. Pick up a new physical activity: Whether it’s running, Zumba, salsa dancing or skiing – pick up a new activity that keeps you physically active. It’s good for your health and well being and will also release endorphins which are known to lift moods. Most importantly – it’s great for your heart rate.
  8. Do things that make you laugh: They weren’t lying when they said laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is also known to boost endorphins which can subsequently boost your mood and happiness too. Do things that make you laugh and surround yourself in the presence of people who make you laugh as well. Watch a movie, play with your dog or cat or watch a comedy show on Netflix.
  9. Embrace each new day as one filled with new opportunities: When you wake up each morning remember that each new day is a new page in this next chapter in your life. And you are the only author who gets to dictate what happens during this next phase. Make wise choices and remember that each new day is a new page in your 365-page book.
  10. Don’t rush into a new relationship: We recommend you give yourself time to heal and rediscover yourself before rushing into a new relationship. You should be your number one priority for the next little while.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is intended to act as a general overview on a topic and does not constitute legal advice.

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