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When it comes to legal matters, reputed construction firms blindly trust our capability and expertise to handle the most complex legal issues pertaining to construction law. Construction Law can be everything from Commercial Mortgage Advances, Commercial Real Estate Transactions on the friendly side of things to the not-so-friendly side of which we have an in-depth experience and proven expertise in serving versatile legal needs on matters such as contractual and insurance issues, litigation and filing, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Through our expert legal advice, we have carved a niche among our corporate clients, from mon and pop start-up companies to multi-million dollar oilfield corporations that look at us as an extension of their business. Whether it involves dealing with a variety of construction disputes by protecting our client’s interests through the Courts, matters of arbitration, adjudication, mediation services, formulating strategic alliances, joint ventures or handling complex multi-project matters such as lega sanctioning and approvals, mergers or acquisitions; our clients invest their trust in our capability to handle all their dispute resolution proceedings. Our expertise in handling legal matters concerning construction projects stems from our prolonged experience of working with multiple stakeholders and participants in the construction industry. We work on serving the client’s best interest by acting quickly, efficiently and proactively on the simplest and most complex issues, to keep your construction business growing and projects running on schedule. To know how we can help you solve your legal issues, call us today. Let’s Talk.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Builders Lien Lawyer

If you find yourself in a situation where you've done the work for a client and they refuse to pay, you may need a builders lien lawyer. Here are 10 ways a builders lien lawyer can help you sort things out and get your money from a client.

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Builders Lien

Everything You Need to Know About a Builders Lien

If you're having difficulties getting paid, seek out a builders lien. We have all of the information on what this is and how it can benefit you.

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Real Estate Lawyer

Builders’ Liens, Construction Liens, and Oil and Gas Liens in Alberta

If you’re a contractor, supplier, construction company, or oil and gas firm, odds are at least once in your career you’re going to be stuck in the unfortunate circumstance of being unpaid after the work is done.

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