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Corporate Lawyer in Grande Prairie

If you’ve found this webpage, you’re either someone looking to start a small business who’s thinking “I need a lawyer”, or you’re someone who already owns a small business who’s thinking “I need a lawyer”. Either way, you’ve stumbled upon the right website. Verhaeghe Law Office is one of the top corporate law firms serving Grande Prairie business owners, and it’s easy to see why. With twenty years’ experience in the field of corporate and contract law, Richard Verhaeghe is a skilled negotiator and diligent expert in the field.

What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

While everyone is familiar with the images of lawyers you see on TV, it’s rare that the world of corporate law is explored in a realistic way on the small screen. You might expect a high-stakes and cutthroat world, but the reality is much more basic—and that’s a good thing! Far from the white shoed world of Bay Street, Verhaeghe Law Office makes corporate law easy for any small business owner to understand.

A corporate lawyer handles the legal matters related to any aspect of a corporation. But in truth, a corporate lawyer can handle the legal affairs of sole-proprietor businesses too. So if your operation happens to be a one-man show, have a friendly and helpful at the ready in your corner for when you need it.

Generally speaking, Verhaeghe Law Office deals with clients who need help with contracts and with breaches of contract. Suing for breach of contract is never fun, but when your business is on the hook because a supplier didn’t come through, you’ll want a thorough and experienced team on your side.

In fact, we’re happy to handle both the drafting of contracts (standard issue or custom-order) as well as any contract disputes that may arise, including with employees or other partners of your company.

Local Business Lawyers

If you’re wondering whether your Grande Prairie small business needs a lawyer, the answer is yes. No matter what it is you do, you always want the counsel of a trained and experienced lawyer to guide you. You wouldn’t dream of opening up your own small business without the right insurance, but so many small business owners in Grande Prairie neglect to find a corporate lawyer for their business, which is just as important.

Trust Grande Prairie’s Top Team

If you’re looking for a corporate lawyer, Verhaeghe Law Office is one of your best choices in the province of Alberta. While some lawyers will drag their feet and do anything to avoid court, Richard Verhaeghe has successfully defended dozens of clients in both civil and criminal cases. If you’re dealing with breach-of-contract cases or need help obtaining compliance with a confidentiality agreement, give us a call.

Our office is conveniently located in the west side of Edmonton and our building is accessible to those with wheelchairs or physical disabilities, but if you are unable to visit our office for your initial consultation, give us a call. We’ll be happy to work something out. Call us today to get started!