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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Grande Prairie

There’s no denying that facing a criminal trial is one of the scariest and most nerve-wracking experiences that anyone living in Grande Prairie can face. And if you have a lawyer who is uninterested in your case and doesn’t seem to be taking your side, the situation becomes even more dire.

When you are facing theft charges or have been summoned for a summary offense, you need a lawyer who is looking out for your interests every step of the way. You need someone who has faced the pressures of trial time and time again. And you need someone whose knowledge of the law is only matched by their kindness and compassion.

When you need a lawyer, choose the best criminal lawyer in Grande Prairie and all of Alberta: Richard Verhaeghe. %COMPANY is a team composed of the most expert lawyers and support staff in the province, all conveniently located near the Provincial Court in west Edmonton. Our physically accessible office comes with free parking, because we believe that meeting with a qualified lawyer should be the simplest part of the process.

What Makes Us Different From Other Criminal Law Firms?

Verhaeghe Law Office doesn’t just specialize in criminal law, but can offer you a large team with a wide pool of knowledge and experience. We also handle cases in family and corporate law. This knowledge base is often deployed to craft creative and compelling defenses of our clients.

Kind, Professional, and Confidential

We have established ourselves as the best all-purpose law firm in Alberta because of our dedication to customer service and our caring and compassionate demeanor. We’re a results-oriented firm, and we pride ourselves on being proactive, tackling problems head on before they spiral out of control.

When you’re dealing with the Crown on the other side, it’s crucial that every aspect of the defense go according to plan and be crafted to appeal to jurors as much as humanly possible. Verhaeghe Law Office’s founding partner has brought hundreds of cases to trial over his lengthy and storied career and is capable of executing a plan without buckling under pressure.

We also can negotiate settlements, pleas, and work with parole staff after the fact if need be. We truly go the extra mile for our clients.

Call Us to Set Up a Consultation

If you’re looking to obtain the services of a defense counsel and you need a lawyer, look no further than this web page. If you call us, you’ll find that every member of our team and support staff are competent, discreet and professional. We take the law and providing a fair defense to everyone facing it very seriously.

Take a look at our online reviews, as well as Richard’s dedication to public service in his career as a former mayor and city councilor. Our founding partner has devoted his life to civic duty in every sense of the word, and we can promise that same dedication and commitment to providing you a fair defense against the charges brought against you.