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When you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, your world stops turning. It's a situation that not everyone living in Morinville will face, but if it's happening to you, you want to be prepared by finding the absolute best criminal defence lawyer in Alberta.

Verhaeghe Law Office has a dedicated team of lawyers ready to take on any case. We firmly believe that everyone should have the right to effective representation. And we take your needs into account as we help you navigate the unique pressures that come with facing a jury of your peers in Alberta.

What Can I Expect if I'm Facing a Criminal Law Allegation?

There are a number of steps your lawyer can expect to walk you through. The first step should always begin with a factual review of your case.

This means that your criminal defence lawyer will take a look at the following aspects of your case:

  • What you were charged with, if it is a fair application of the law, and whether or not you were charged properly and advised of your rights under Canadian law
  • A review of the indictment against you
  • The prosecution's evidence (called the discovery period), and examine whether or not that evidence was obtained legally or if it is permissible in court

Based on this information, your lawyer will determine whether you plead and what you plead to. Remember that it is not about being innocent or guilty, but in knowing the law and the facts of the case against you and making the judgment call on what is best to do to obtain the best possible outcome for you. This may mean pleading guilty in order to avoid a trial and to get a reduced sentence, or it may mean your lawyer is confident in their ability to defend your case in front of a jury.

If you do go to trial, you want to trust a criminal defence lawyer who will not sugar-coat details of your case but can communicate complicated legal matters into everyday language that everyone can understand.

Together, you and your lawyer will come up with a defence strategy that is best for you, whether that involves a trial or not.

Morinville's Most Expert Team

Verhaeghe Law Office is a full-service law firm that employs many talented lawyers as well as a competent and professional support staff to support them. From billing to transcription, we take care of everything, so you know that your criminal defence case is in good hands when you place your trust in Verhaeghe Law Office.

If you are facing a criminal law indictment or allegation, call us right away. We are sure you are confused and frightened, and we will do our best to reassure you and to explain the reality of your scenario in a way that helps you understand the law.

If you need a lawyer, don't delay-call us today!