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Divorce Lawyer in Edson

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No one who gets married ever imagines that one day they’ll wind up divorcing their spouse, but in our society divorce is common. However, its prevalence makes divorce no easier to endure. There is still a stigma that society attaches to couples who have undergone divorce. In addition to that, there is the stress of entering a new chapter of one’s life.

Legal proceedings have the unfortunate power of being able to halt the beginning of that new chapter. They can place your life in limbo, leaving you with a feeling of strong uncertainty, and financial insecurity.

Difficult divorces can be made even more arduous because of an unprofessional divorce lawyer at the helm of your case. At Verhaeghe Law, we work to make sure our level of competence and professionalism in all legal matters is second to none.

Representation for Contested Divorces in Edison

A contested divorce, the opposite of an uncontested divorce, is a divorce wherein one of the spouses files the statement of claim for a divorce. The other spouse though, as the name implies, contests (doesn’t agree) about some of the issues raised in the statement of claim. The contestation will often be related to issues regarding the family’s children, spousal support (money paid by one spouse to the other after they divorce), and division of financial assets such as investment accounts, stocks, mutual funds and financial savings.

In the event of a contested divorce, both parties (husband and wife, for example) have to file court documents that clearly outline their stances on the issues.

Contested divorces can be settled a number of ways, such as through negotiation, agreements made outside of the courtroom, or through formal divorce procedures.

Some lawyers might be wary of the courtroom because it can be a long and arduous process for all parties involved. Other law firms might be hesitant to risk the possible compromising of a client’s best interests through out-of-court negotiations. Verhaeghe Law has records of success in both avenues and is willing to pursue whichever is most appropriate.

Joint Divorce in Edison: Need a Lawyer?

A joint divorce occurs when both parties jointly file the statement of claim for divorce. As all decisions have been made together and have been agreed upon, there is no defendant.

However, there are certain conditions regarding the eligibility for a joint divorce. In the Province of Alberta, it is required that both parties have been living separately for one year prior to a justice executing a divorce judgment.

Though there is no defendant or disputes over assets, it is Verhaeghe’s recommendation that both parties seek the guidance and counsel of accredited divorce lawyers in the Edison area. Even with a joint divorce there are joint affidavits to be filled out, along with many other documents that should not be regarded lightly.

Divorces are stressful for families. Navigating the legal system can be an extra burden during an already taxing time. If you find yourself seeking advice or counsel, call us today.