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Divorce is extremely common in our society, yet it is still unfairly stamped with a cruel stigma. In addition to that, there is the stress of entering a new chapter of one’s life as the separation gets underway. Legal proceedings, lengthy negotiations, and cut-throat tactics can halt the beginning of that new chapter. So can unprofessional divorce lawyers or a hot-headed opposing party who opts for self-representation (which we strongly advise against).

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we can help you navigate your separation as swiftly as possible so there are fewer arduous circumstances.

The First Steps for Divorce in Alberta

When we are contacted by a client it is usually just before or after a separation has taken place. At this point, the expert legal team at Verhaeghe Law Office will proceed with a comprehensive case assessment. The purpose of the case assessment is to provide the client with practical advice about the separation in progress and what a divorce such as theirs will entail. Because divorce is uncharted territory for many people, clients are often unsure about what to expect from divorce proceedings.

The comprehensive assessment is without question the most important meeting you will have with your Verhaeghe Law Office lawyer. The knowledge you receive from one another will shape your expectations going forward into the next crucial stages of divorce.

Are you obligated to retain us after this meeting? Absolutely not. After this first meeting, you can walk away and decide how you would like to proceed in the future. You may withhold any legal action, or you may make the decision to represent yourself. However inadvisable that may be, it is still your decision and yours alone. But be advised, self-representation might be the last thing your case needs. When your estate, finances, and family are involved, you should not be cavalier or reckless.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces in Slave Lake

In the province of Alberta, you can file for a divorce without the cooperation of your spouse. You can file for this form of divorce on one of these three grounds: cruelty, adultery, or a separation time of one year or greater.

Sometimes divorces might be contested by the spouse. When the divorce it is contested, the contestation will often be related to issues regarding the family’s children like visitation and custody, spousal support, or the division of the family’s financial assets. These assets might be stocks, investment accounts, financial savings or mutual funds.

In the event of a contestation, both parties must then outline their views on all the issues that have been disputed. This can make matters very complicated and can lead to an arduous, lengthy legal battle between the separated couple. This is why legal representation is very important. Missteps during divorce proceedings can cost spouses their money, homes, or even families.

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