Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton

Verhaeghe Law Office understand the increasing complexities surrounding real estate law in Edmonton. We’ve been helping individuals and businesses, just like you, achieve their goals through due diligence, creative strategy and impressive organization.

Our commitment to uncovering opportunities to further your prosperity, and make your vision a reality, is what sets our firm apart from the rest. We’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to provide you with the most advanced litigation and guidance available.

Global Experts in Real Estate Development and Planning

Real estate development is a complicated process involving several stakeholders, strict regulation and heavy penalties for infractions. Our experience advising domestic and foreign investors, major corporations, developers, government and the public, gives us the unique background advantage we need to establish an actionable development and planning strategy that keeps your project ahead of the curve and running on deadline.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Keep Your Project on Schedule?

Staying within your financial, timing and planning parameters, and keeping your project on schedule is critical to the success of your venture and the satisfaction of the stakeholders involved. We offer practical advice, solid litigation strategy and leading intelligence in the following practice areas, and more:

  • Development and planning
  • Property disputes and real estate litigation
  • Financing
  • Real estate tax
  • Leasing
  • Construction
  • Environment
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Insurance
  • Investing and joint ventures
  • Risk management

How Zoning Law Plays a Role in the Success of Your Plans

The zoning laws governing Edmonton are becoming increasingly demanding as property values rise and prime real estate becomes less available in some areas. Generally, zoning is broken up into four areas:

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial
  4. Recreational

There are several factors that come into play to determine if your plans are in accordance with zone ordinances including building height and density, lot size and location, and intended function.

Residential Real Estate Attorney

Whether you’re purchasing or selling property in Edmonton, it’s crucial to have a qualified residential real estate attorney at your side to provide expertise in the field. From determining property value to preparing agreements, leases, and other paperwork to advising on insurance and risk management, your attorney at Verhaeghe Law Office will handle the many complicated aspects of real estate purchase and sale so that you can focus on the other aspects of your venture.

As a buyer in the Edmonton market, you want to be careful when investing in a home. Is the property you’re interested in valued correctly? What sort of expectations will the old owners have from you, the new owner? For example, if you don’t have a real estate lawyer on your side you could find yourself facing more fees than expected. Your lawyer will fight any unnecessary fees to ensure you are not taken advantage of.

To finish off the process, your real estate lawyer will prepare all closing documents for you and the seller to sign. Purchasing a new home can be exciting, but without the right qualified assistance, you could find yourself in a sticky situation. Let Verhaeghe Law Office start you off on the right foot.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Where there are complications in residential real estate law, you can count on those to increase tenfold when it comes to commercial real estate law.

Relying on a knowledgeable real estate law firm to help you carry out your commercial real estate purchase or sale will make it so you have more time to plan your actual business rather than focus on the many complications that can arise in commercial real estate law.

The lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Offices take an in-depth approach to the assessment of any new purchase. Since your new property won’t just be a place to live but an income-generating property, you’ll have a lot more considerations. We’re prepared to do all research necessary and we are skilled in making deals that actually stick. Believe it or not, many commercial real estate sellers back out of deals early leaving the seller at a loss. We won’t let that happen to you.

By ensuring that every detail of your property suits your needs and is priced appropriately, we’ll create an air-tight plan that is guaranteed to have you come out on top.

Minimize your risk when you work with the commercial real estate lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Offices for your Edmonton purchases.

Navigating Land Use Law

Understanding the nuances of land use law in today's development landscape is more complicated than ever before. Several parties are usually involved, sharing some stake in the business transaction you desire to set forth. Disputes and conflicts can arise when messages are misinterpreted or information is not explained clearly. Our ability to predict and prevent these types of obstacles is what makes us a valuable asset to any real estate transaction.

What’s the Benefit of Working With a Real Estate Attorney Near Me?

If you live in Edmonton and find yourself asking this question, you’ve never experienced the level of service we provide before. We go the extra mile to make ourselves available for counsel when you need us, getting things right the first time and keeping things running smoothly across the board.

Our highly attuned research skills and ability to digest large amounts of text, make us valuable technical specialists who work around the clock to advance your best interests. From contract negotiations of all types to financing and construction, we are Edmonton’s full-coverage real estate law pros.

Four Signs You May Need to Think About Changing Your Real Estate Lawyer

If you are reading this, then it is possible that you may be looking to make an improvement to the real estate law service that you are currently receiving. If you feel that your current legal providers are not meeting your needs correctly, then why not contact the Verhaeghe Law Office today and allow us to do what we do best.

With years of experience in all aspects of real estate law, we know everything there is to know from both a residential and commercial perspective. There are a number of telltale signs which indicate that your real estate lawyers aren’t doing all they can for you and if any of the following sound familiar to you then it might be time to make a change.

Poor Communication: If there is one thing that we at the Verhaeghe Law Office have learned from our years of representing clients just like you here in Edmonton, it is that communication is key. That is why when a client gets in touch with us, we always make sure to get in touch with them within 24 hours—never later. We also always guarantee that any questions our clients have are addressed in a quick and timely fashion and we always ensure that any progress updates on your case are delivered as soon as possible.

Disorganized Practice: We are firm believers in the saying that when it comes to real estate law, what you see is what you get. What we mean when we say this is that we will never do anything that will jeopardize your case. So, when you put your trust on us for your real estate legal needs, you can rest assured that you will never be forced to fill out duplicate forms or submit applications late because of our negligence. The professionalism we deploy is something we take very seriously and the reason that so many of our clients are repeat customers.

Failing to Serve Your Best Interests: If you find that your lawyer is constantly asking for court extensions without any reasonable qualifications, then this is a sign that something isn’t right. Similarly, if you have been receiving notices from the court that your time of filing has lapsed, and the other party is winning the case, then this is an indication that your lawyer isn’t doing something right and may need to be replaced. With Verhaeghe Law Office in charge of your legal needs, you can be guaranteed that this will not be the case as we will always do our utmost to make sure that everything is properly taken care of at all times.

Conflict of Interest: If you have found out that the opposition lawyer has some type of relationship with the opposing party, then this is a red flag that needs to be addressed right away. Issues of this nature are something that we at Verhaeghe Law Office would never stand for and that is why if you want a tried and trusted legal service for your real estate needs, then you need to contact us right away!