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What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do

A corporate lawyer is someone that your business may need to work with at some point. This is why it’s important to understand corporate law and how a corporate lawyer can benefit your business. Our corporate law team in Edmonton is happy to help small, medium, and large businesses overcome a range of challenges or simply offer advice to help navigate your legal queries.

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Our services 

We offer a range of services that will appeal to all companies and entrepreneurs who want to ensure they do everything by the book.

Create, Organize, Dissolve 

Our legal services can assist your business in creating, organizing, and dissolving a business. As the law will treat a corporation as an individual entity that can be involved in litigation and other legal disputes. We can offer advice on the best practices to follow when creating and organizing your business, as well as help you dissolve the company should you need to. 

A corporate lawyer can provide advice regarding business certificates and apply for licensing. This will prevent any issues you may encounter and ensures your business can trade legally. As for dissolving your corporation, we guide following the correct channels for closing your business and help you identify what to do with funds, loan payments, and employee contracts. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are a major element of corporate law. The action can prove profitable to your business, but it also comes with its share of complications if you underestimate what is required. As you will add property (both physical and intellectual), employees, and facilities to your enterprise, you must follow the correct procedures. 

Our corporate lawyers will go over contracts and review financial reports to understand your existing assets and any liabilities. This process is known as due diligence, and it helps you to understand who holds which responsibilities throughout the company. Once understood, we can begin drafting the agreement. 

Venture Capital 

Venture capital and corporate law allow you to grow and build your business. This service includes a range of responsibilities, including everyday corporate work and financing. 

Corporate lawyers can also work with corporate agreements. These include partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Shareholder agreements. We can draft agreements for your perusal and will help protect your business from possible issues in the future. 

Project Financing

Whether development or construction, corporate lawyers can provide advice regarding project financing. This service is vital for guaranteeing those responsible pay on time and keep the project moving at a productive pace. 

Possible projects can involve building construction, refineries, pipelines, or telecommunications systems, and the corporate attorneys will form a partnership that will remain in place until the project reaches completion. 

This service ensures protection for the project and gives you the confidence that the project will be completed on time and to the highest standard. As substantial projects involve large sums of money and take time, this protection is vital for your peace of mind. 


Corporate securities will ensure your company follows the correct procedures with reporting earnings, stock prices, and other financial information to shareholders. A corporate lawyer will assist your business in preparing these reports and highlight anything that you may have missed during the preparation. 

Our corporate law team understands how to properly word such disclosures that guarantee clear and evident details regarding your company's financial situation, as well as detailing elements that could affect the stock price, such as upcoming litigations, investigations from government entities, and unexpected financial losses over the previous year. 


It's important that your company understands and closely follows labour and employment laws. However, even if you are aware of the legal expectations, there is still a risk of disputes between your company and your employees, managers, and unions. 

A corporate lawyer is trained to mitigate these disputes and help both parties find a solution that suits them. They can stop the issue going towards litigation and organize an agreement that suits everybody involved. 

Labour and employment laws could refer to unjust dismissal, discrimination, and our corporate law team can also help solve issues with employees or managers who breached their contract. Whatever your labour and employment needs, our corporate layers understand precisely what they need to do to find an appropriate solution. 

How can a corporate lawyer benefit your business? 

There are many benefits to working with a corporate lawyer, so don't hesitate to consider what our expert corporate law team can do for you. 

Attention to detail 

Like any legal professional, corporate lawyers boast immense attention to detail. When writing up contracts and carrying out other legal demands, this attention to detail is crucial for ensuring nothing goes undetected that could affect your company or corporation down the line. 

Vast legal knowledge

Of course, a corporate lawyer's legal knowledge is also essential. The better the knowledge, the more capable the attorney will be of bypassing issues and guaranteeing everything is above board when writing up contracts. 

Analytical skills 

As lawyers are responsible for knowing substantial amounts of information, analytical skills are vital. They need to distill this information into something usable, and they may even encounter multiple reasonable avenues they could explore. It is analytical skills that set apart food corporate lawyers from great ones, as their talents enable them to make the right decision for your company every time. 

Thinking outside the box

It should come as no surprise that corporate lawyers boast an exceptional ability for thinking outside the box. This skill enables them to find unique solutions and come to agreements that can benefit both parties should you reach a stalemate, which prevents calling in litigators. 

Strong communication skills 

All attorneys need strong communication skills in both written and verbal arenas. As a corporate lawyer is responsible for highlighting your needs clearly and concisely, their communication skills are crucial for guaranteeing robust and watertight documentation to protect your company. 

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