The Top High Net-Worth Divorces In History

The Top High Net-Worth Divorces In History

While the topic of divorce is generally a negative one – we thought we would take a moment to list three of the most expensive known divorce settlements in history. In some cases the divorce settlements are sealed so we won’t know the exact terms of the divorce – so we’ve only listed the ones that are public below. What’s interesting about high-net worth divorces is how both parties come to an agreement on the settlement amount. This process is generally fraught with highly charged emotions, extensive valuation processes and a lot of legal proceedings where legal advice can be very complex.

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  1. Billionaire Jeff Bezos and now ex-wife MacKenzie - $4 billion dollars
    With Amazon currently being ranked one of the most highly valued companies in the world it comes as no surprise that the divorce settlement between Jeff Bezos and his then wife MacKenzie would be accompanied by a lot of money. In fact, Jeff Bezos was reported to give MacKenzie a 4% stake in the company which amounts to approximately $4 billion dollars as part of their pending divorce.
  2. Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Wildenstein - $3.8 billion dollars
    In 1999 – the costliest divorce settlement between American businessman and art dealer Alec Wildenstein and then wife Jocelyn amounted to $3.8 billion dollars. While this settlement is definitely one of the largest we’ve heard of – it was reported in 2018 by that Jocelyn had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States and was now collecting social security payments of $900/month after she burned through billions of dollars.
  3. Rupert Murdoch and Maria Torv - $1.7 billion dollars
    Rupert Murdoch is a well-known media mogul and was married to Maria Torv for 31 years. While their high-profile divorce was known to be relatively amicable – Maria wass reported to have received $1.7 billion dollars from the divorce settlement. Once the divorce was finalized – Rupert Murdoch then went on to marry Wendi Deng 17 days after the divorce while Maria married William Mann six months later.

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