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Verhaeghe Law Office is a preeminent Edmonton based law firm that is experienced in civil litigation suits. That is, we resolve conflicts between two or more parties and ensure that our Edmonton clients receive the service of experienced litigators.

Moreover, our civil litigators are versatile and dedicated trial lawyers that can cover a wide array of civil law issues. Furthermore, our civil litigators are well versed and trained in various forms of procedural and substantive law, and possess excellent negotiation and client development skills.

In addition, no case is too big or too small for Verhaeghe Law Office. We take great pride in helping our clients navigate through the complicated and cumbersome area of civil law and family law and we will use our years of civil law experience, to guide you through mediation, arbitration, 4 way settlement conferences, questioning or trial. Whether you are looking to settle the division of assets after a tough divorce, are dealing with child adoption barriers (e.g., same sex partners), have been fired due to discrimination (e.g., sexism, racism, ageism), or have been injured in an accident due to negligence or insobriety, Verhaeghe Law Office will ensure that we are there to help you.

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