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Edmonton Probate and Wills, Real Estate Law and Corporate Commercial Law
Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers
Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers
Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers

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Located in Edmonton with offices in both Athabasca and Whitecourt to better serve your needs

Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers

Edmonton Family Law, Edmonton Divorce Law, Edmonton Criminal Defense Law, Edmonton Real Estate, Edmonton Immigration Law, Wills & Estates and Corporate Law.

Looking for a lawyer? With locations in Athabasca, Edmonton, and Whitecourt, Verhaeghe Law Office is the law firm that knows the lay of the land and the legal landscape.

Verhaeghe Law Office was founded in the 1940s and has been providing cogent and clear legal advice to Albertans for over 70 years. A family-run business, when you deal with Verhaeghe Law Office, you know you’re getting the best in legal representation this province has to offer.

I Need a Lawyer. Can Verhaeghe Law Office Help?

We have an experienced and qualified team of lawyers with a wide variety of practice interests. Check out our team on our website for all the details of what we’re able to do for you.

Verhaeghe Law Office specializes in the following legal areas:

  • Family Law: divorce, child custody negotiation, spousal support settlement, adoption, and other family law matters
  • Civil Law: builders’ liens, oil and gas liens, breach of contract, real estate transactions, traffic violation defences, defamation
  • Corporate Law: articles of incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, strategic directions
  • Criminal Law defence
  • Wills, Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts

What Sets Verhaeghe Law Office Apart as the Best Law Firm in Alberta?

We’re a full-service law firm with support staff at each of our offices to be sure we can meet our clients’ every need. Unlike some firms that offer a one-size-fits-all approach and make their clients feel unwelcome or unappreciated, we have a four-pronged approach that is at the heart of our company mission:

Every lawyer at our firm is trained in empathetic, active listening. Just as every area of the law is different, so too is every case, and we want to hear your side of the story before we get started.

  1. Verhaeghe Law Office Listens
  2. Every lawyer at our firm is trained in empathetic, active listening. Just as every area of the law is different, so too is every case, and we want to hear your side of the story before we get started.
  3. Verhaeghe Law Office Clearly Explains the Legal Position
  4. The biggest barrier to clients'’' success in the legal field is a lawyer who doesn’t take the time to clearly explain the legal ‘footing’ of every case. The law is complex and difficult to understand for most, but every lawyer at our firm does their best to make it easy to comprehend in laymen’s terms.
  5. With a more solid understanding of the legal principles behind your case, that equips you with the knowledge necessary to obtain a resolution to your legal matter in cooperation with our team.
  6. Verhaeghe Law Office is Pragmatic
  7. You’ll hear some lawyers make obscene and undeliverable promises to their clients in an effort to secure a retaining fee. We value pragmatism over all other virtues. If your case is not winnable, we will not advise going to trial.
  8. Verhaeghe Law Office Concludes Matters Quickly

There’s no reason to drag out legal matters beyond a few weeks. In some cases, things get complicated and can take a while to sort out. But we strive to have matters turned around for our clients in a few months or less.

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If you’re looking for a young, dynamic and progressive legal team that can meet a diverse variety of clients’ needs, call Verhaeghe Law Office today. We’d love to sit down with you and listen to your story. Call us today to learn more!

Mayfield Business Centre #203, 10525-170th Street Edmonton, AB., T5P 4W2

Tel: (587) 410-2500 | Fax: (780) 341-1428

Tel: (587) 410-2500 to contact one of our Edmonton Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

Athabasca Office: 4902-48th Street, Athabasca, AB
Whitecourt Office: 5011-51st Ave, Whitecourt AB

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