3 Interesting Alberta Divorce Statistics

3 Interesting Alberta Divorce Statistics

The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family (“The Institute”) authored numerous reports since its inception in 1987 – especially with respect to divorce statistics in Alberta. Data from these reports will be available from the University of Calgary Library starting 2020 after its website shuts down. We thought we would use this as an opportunity to share some interesting Alberta divorce statistics with you.

3 Interesting Divorce Statistics:

1. A recent national survey of family law lawyers conducted by the Institute concluded that average charge to clients for professional services alone (excluding disbursements) was $12,395 for individuals engaged in low-conflict family law disputes (range=$2,000 to $75,000), and $54,390 for those engaged in high-conflict disputes (range=$5,000 to $625,000). This gives you an idea of the range of how costly divorce proceedings can be – especially in highly contentious cases. This is one of the reasons we recommend you always hire divorce lawyers who aim to expeditiously resolve disputes in divorce proceedings.

Source: http://www.crilf.ca/Documents/Unbunded_Legal_Services_Report_-_Aug_2018.pdf

2. The Institute also reported that family law issues including divorce, spousal support and child support, parenting after separation, child custody access and issues and matrimonial support issues were the most predominantly legal issues discussed in the Alberta Community Legal Clinic Survey. Legal assistance on these matters accounted for approximately 46% of all legal assistance inquiries where 7,891 individuals were surveyed and 319 responded. Females were also more likely to report they were dealing with family law problems with their lawyers than men especially when it comes to spousal and child support matters, child custody and access and other divorce related issues.

Source: http://www.crilf.ca/Documents/ALF_Clinic_Survey_Year_2_-_May_2018.pdf

3. In Alberta – Legal Representation for Children and Youth (LRCY) was established on April 1, 2006 through the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate. The LRCY roster lawyers represent the rights, interests and viewpoints of their child clients and is funded by the Government of Alberta. Appointments made during 2016 amounted to 1,100 in the Province of Alberta for nearly 2000 children. It’s worth noting here that there is a great deal of importance in defining the role of the children’s lawyer for future legal proceedings.

Source: http://www.crilf.ca/Documents/Children's_Participation_in_Justice_Processes_-_Record_of_Proceedings_-_Jan_2018.pdf

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