COVID-19 Resources for Employers and Employees in Alberta

COVID-19 Resources for Employers and Employees in Alberta

The Province of Alberta has listed a series of resources for both employees and employers regarding COVID-19 support which can be found here. A series of prescribed measures have been outlined in an effort to protect both employers and employees from the economic disruption with an overarching aim of positioning Alberta for recovery once this situation is over (or at least contained).

Here is a list of some of the different support initiatives as outlined by both the provincial and federal governments. For a full list please visit the Province of Alberta’s website for more information. Please note this list may change as days go by given that a lot of these programs are temporary programs or one-time programs.

  1. Corporate Income Tax: Balances and installment payments that are due between March 18th to August 31, 2020 are now deferred until August 31, 2020 in an effort to increase access to cashflow temporarily for business owners so they can continue to operate their business. There have also been postponements with respect to due dates for corporate income tax returns. Click here for more information corporate income tax changes in Alberta.
  2. Education Property Tax Deferral: Education property tax rates will be frozen to 2019 rates and the collection of non-residential education property tax is postponed for an additional six months. The deferred amounts however will be expected to be paid back in future tax years. The Province has also asked commercial landlords to extend savings to their tenants by either delayed or reduced payments in an effort to help increase access to cash flow for employers to keep their business operations running. Where possible, businesses who can afford to pay their taxes in full are encouraged to do so as this will allow the provincial government to support Albertans during this unprecedented time.
  3. Utility Payment Deferrals: Residential, farm and small commercial customers can defer electricity and natural gas payments for the next 90 days irrespective of the service provider. You will need to call your utility provider directly to make deferral payment arrangements. Learn more about the utility payment deferral program here.
  4. Job Protected Leave: Full and part-time employees may take 14 days of job-protected leave if they are required to self isolate or are caring for a child or dependent adult who is required to self-isolate. There are eligibility requirements that need to be made however.
  5. Other employment matters: Employers and employees may be eligible for different avenues for time off including vacation pay, leave or banked overtime. While these specific measures are not enforced or mandatory-the Province has outlined when and where these conditions may apply. The federal government has also outlined federal employment insurance benefits that employees may be eligible for. More information on the federal Employment Insurance benefits can be found here.

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