How Does The International Adoption Process Work In Alberta?

How Does The International Adoption Process Work In Alberta?

In the last two years – the Province of Alberta has approved 70 international adoptions (also referred to as intercountry adoptions). Adoption of children in different countries outside of Canada are handled by Children’s Services and are typically processed with the involvement of licensed adoption agencies and coordinators. Additionally, there can be complex immigration legal matters as well as family law matters that get taken into consideration when processing an international adoption and this is something a lawyer can assist with. If you live in Alberta and are looking for legal assistance in processing an international adoption – contact our law firm today for legal assistance.

Additionally, it is important to note here that international adoptions have generally two separate processes. The first is the adoption process itself and the second being the immigration and/or citizenship process.

What does an international adoption process look like in Alberta?

If you are looking to adopt internationally – there are provincial and territorial laws which differ from province to province. More information on international adoptions and requirements for Albertans can be found here. Your provincial adoption central authority will advise if you need to contact a licensed adoption agency, provide guidance on laws regarding adoption from the country you are looking to adopt from as well as explain the requirements of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions. In order to adopt a child from abroad you must meet the legal requirements of Alberta as well as requirements from the adoption authority where the child currently resides. The Federal Government only oversees the Immigration and Citizenship process for an adopted child and this is something a lawyer can assist with as well.

How Can Alberta Adoption Services Help?

While an adoption lawyer can assist with satisfying the legal requirements of processing an international adoption – Alberta Adoption Services can assist in a variety of different ways. For example they will review all the necessary applications, conduct a Home Study Report on prospective parents as well as review and approve the parents for adoption, review information on children available for adoption, in some cases work with foreign jurisdictions and the Federal Government/immigration officials to assist with the processing of the adoption and more. Whereas a lawyer can assist with legal processes and offer legal guidance.

What are the Costs Involved in International Adoptions?

Most international adoptions take anywhere from three to four years to complete and can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 Canadian dollars. Some of these expenses include but are not limited to translation costs, courier fees, parental training, completion of a Home Study Report, preparation legal documents, immigration fees, child’s medical examinations, agency fees in child’s country of origin, travel and accommodations, adoption finalization and Post Placement Reports on a schedule that is outlined by the child’s country of origin.

Contact A Lawyer from Verhaeghe Law Office for Legal Assistance on International Adoptions

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Disclaimer: This article is only intended to act as a general overview on international adoptions and not intended to act as specific legal advice. For specific legal advice please contact our law firm for a consultation with a family lawyer on international adoptions.

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