5 Divorce Resources for Albertans If You’re Looking To Get A Divorce

5 Divorce Resources for Albertans If You’re Looking To Get A Divorce

At Verhaeghe Law Office – our Edmonton divorce lawyers have been assisting clients for decades with their family law and divorce law matters. We often get asked by our clients if there are any online resources available regarding divorces in Alberta. We thought it would be a great time to outline our top 5 online divorce resources as a valuable starting point if you are contemplating getting a divorce. For more specific legal advice regarding your family law or divorce law matter – please contact our law firm to book a consultation with one of our Edmonton family or divorce lawyers.

In the meanwhile – please find below our top 5 divorce resources for Albertans.

The Divorce Act

Divorce proceedings are generally governed under the Divorce Act. This Act outlines corollary relief as well as child support orders, spousal support orders, custody orders, variation, recission or suspension of orders, provisional orders and more. The Canadian Constitution allows the Federal Government exclusive jurisdiction to regulate the laws of both marriages and divorces. With more specific questions to your divorce – we recommend you consult with a divorce lawyer.

Alberta Court Divorce Forms

All forms required to process divorce proceedings can be found online on the Alberta Courts website. Here you will find forms such as Affidavits, Judgements, Statements of Claim and more. You can find forms here related to uncontested divorces (with or without children), joint divorces (with or without children), defendant’s divorce forms, miscellaneous divorce forms, child support forms and request for certificate of divorce and more. We recommend you consult with a lawyer for legal assistance in processing these forms.

Law Central Alberta

Law Central Alberta’s website also provides a plethora of divorce resources under the auspices of the Centre for Public Legal Education of Alberta. You can browse popular legal topics as they pertain to divorce, separation, child custody and access, child and spousal support, counselling services, abuse and violence and more popular topics on divorce and family law matters.

Parenting After Separation

The Province of Alberta also offers a course for parents or guardians who are separating or getting a divorce. Course topics include building relationships, how separation affects both parents and children, communication skills, legal issues, alternative dispute resolution options as well as parenting plans. You can register for the course at Resolution Services Learning Centre and attend the course online.

Alberta Child Support Guidelines

The Government of Canada’s Justice Laws Website also outlines how federal child support tables work for the Province of Alberta. This website is a good starting point to see how child support payments are calculated however we recommend you consult with a family lawyer if you require legal assistance with respect to child support calculations.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended to act as a general overview on divorce law topics. We recommend you consult with an Edmonton divorce lawyer regarding your specific divorce law questions.

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