High Common Reasons for Grey Divorces in Alberta

High Common Reasons for Grey Divorces in Alberta

According to a 2019 Forbes article - grey divorces are a new rising trend of couples who are either separating or divorcing amongst an older population in the United States. While experts believe this same trend is occurring in Canada - they also point out that living longer lives doesn't always translate into longer marriages. Research also shows that one in five people getting divorced was 50 years old or older according to a study conducted in 2015. In a previous blog post we discussed important considerations to bear in mind during a grey divorce in Alberta. As an extension of that article we've decided to dive into the common reasons why people get grey divorces and here are 5 common reasons we hear from our clients for grey divorces.

Here are some reasons why people seek grey divorces:

  1. Couples Have Simply Grown Apart: This happens a lot in marriages and is not necessarily a trend that is restricted to a certain age group. It is the most common reason people get a divorce outside of financial troubles. As people age and evolve - so do their interests and what makes them happy. Therefore, it's very common to see couples citing irreconcilable differences on their divorce documents due to simply growing apart.
  2. Different Views on What Retirement Looks Like: Another common reason we hear for grey divorces from our clients is that many couples end up having different views on what retirement looks like. While some people want to slow things down and enjoy a perhaps more peaceful life at the cottage full time or in a senior community - others may want to continue living a more action filled or fast paced life without giving into retirement life too quickly. Competing ideologies on what retirement looks like are a major factor in grey divorces.
  3. Different Money Spending and Saving Habits: Whether you're newly married in your 20s or 30s or have been married for a long time - the number one reason for divorce and relationship breakdowns in Canada has always been and continues to be - financial troubles. Typically, financial troubles can range from varying spending and saving habits to purely bad decisions. Whatever the reason may be - varying differences on money spending and saving habits can be a common reason for grey divorces.
  4. Kids Have Moved Out: In some cases, we've seen where after the kids have moved on to college/university or have moved out can result in grey divorces. Empty nesters as they're often referred to - can see an increase in divorce rates especially when some of the above-mentioned factors are also evident.
  5. Changing Expectations: Another common reason for grey divorces in Alberta (based on what we hear from our clients that we've helped) are changing expectations. Sometimes people change - and as a result their expectations of what the present and future should look like can also change. When couples aren't in alignment on these views - we see a higher probability for a grey divorce.

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Disclaimer: The advice given in this article is not intended to act as legal advice. For more specific legal advice on grey divorces - please speak directly with a divorce lawyer who has experience handling grey divorces in Alberta.

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