5 Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution For Divorces In Alberta

Five Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution For Divorces In Alberta
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a term that refers to any mechanism for resolving disputes outside of the traditional mechanism of litigation. Common types of ADR that are used by spouses both during and after a divorce or separation include:

  • mediation,
  • arbitration,
  • the collaborative divorce process,
  • judicial dispute resolution,
  • parenting coordination or other co-parenting tools.

Different methods may be more advantageous in different circumstances, so talk to our team of Edmonton divorce lawyers to find out which form of ADR is right for you. However, there are benefits that apply to ADR in general.

Five Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution For Divorces in Albert Include:

  1. It Is Generally Less Expensive Than Litigation.

Judges and lawyers are bound to follow certain procedures and rules in court. The result of this is that there is a minimum amount of time that your lawyer must spend preparing for your trial. Not to mention that family law trials may last several days or even weeks, depending on the number and complexity of issues to be determined. All of this can add up to significant legal fees.

While it is generally still a good idea to have a lawyer help you through whatever ADR process you choose, in most cases the resulting legal fees will be significantly less.

  1. It Enables The Parties To Maintain More Control Over The Outcome. 

In a courtroom, the judge only has the ability to pick a winner and a loser. They do not have the jurisdiction to come up with compromises that work for both parties. ADR recognizes that in many cases, especially in those cases involving children, neither party wants a win/lose solution.

  1. It Is Often Faster Than Litigation. 

It can take years to resolve all the issues arising from a divorce or separation using traditional litigation as the only method. This is due to:

  • the amount of preparation involved,
  • the various schedules that have to be coordinated to set a trial date (the parties, their lawyers and the judge)
  • backlogs in the courts.

ADR is often faster because much of the preparation necessary for a trial becomes unnecessary and scheduling can be more flexible.

  1. It Enables The Parties To Maintain Their Privacy.

Many people don’t realize that courtrooms are open to the public. Court decisions are available online for anyone to read and clearly identify the parties by name before describing their personal disputes in detail. Some people find this level of public exposure very distressing. ADR, by contrast, is always confidential.

  1. It Is Less Stressful Than Litigation.

ADR is generally less stressful for both the parties and any children. This is primarily because, unlike litigation, ADR is not a conflict-based system. It is not designed to pit one side against the other. All forms of ADR, to some extent, encourage the parties to find new ways to work together towards common goals.

ADR’s lower costs, the faster resolution to problems, the ability to maintain control over your life and the ability to maintain your privacy will also contribute to a lower stress level for your entire family.

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