What are Section B Benefits in Alberta?

What are Section B Benefits in Alberta?

Alberta Section B Benefits are accident insurance benefits described in Alberta's Insurance Act and prescribed in the regulations. They are mandatory accident benefits that must form part of every contract for automobile insurance in the province. The benefits, which provide medical treatment, disability and death benefits for the insured and their passengers in specified circumstances, are referred to as "Section B" benefits because they are found in Section B of a standard automobile insurance contract.

Who is eligible for Section B Benefits?

Section B Benefits are considered "no fault" benefits, which means that your eligibility to receive them is not tied to whether or not you were responsible for causing the accident.

For the purpose of determining eligibility for accident insurance benefits, an "insured person" includes not just the owner of the insured vehicle, but also:

  • that person's spouse and children
  • any occupant in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident, and
  • any pedestrian who is struck by the insured vehicle.

Even if you were not in your own vehicle, or you were uninsured, you may be able to claim Section B Benefits through the insurance of another driver, depending on the situation. Contact one of our Section B Benefits personal injury lawyers to find out if you are eligible for benefits in your circumstances.

Medical benefits

For insured persons injured in a motor vehicle accident, the cost of uninsured medical treatments such as:

  • massage therapy
  • chiropractic care
  • acupuncture, and
  • physiotherapy

may all be covered under Section B Benefits. There is both a global limit to the amount of medical benefits available to each person involved in an accident and a limit for some types of treatment. The amount of medical benefits that you are entitled to will depend on your injuries and the appropriate treatments.

Disability benefits

If you are injured in an accident and unable to work, you may be eligible for Section B disability benefits. Disability benefits provide the disabled person with a weekly benefit of $400 or 80% of the person's average weekly earnings prior to the accident, whichever is lower. In order to qualify for disability benefits you must have been employed at the time of the accident or have worked a minimum amount of time in the year leading up to the accident.

Death benefits

If you lost someone you love in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to receive a sum for death benefits, funeral service expenses or grief counselling expenses.

For some people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, Section B Benefits do not cover all of their damages, including lost wages and medical expenses. Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to make a personal injury claim to ensure that you and your family are fully compensated for your losses.

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