How to Prepare for Your First Consultation With a Divorce Lawyer

How to Prepare for Your First Consultation With a Divorce Lawyer

The end of a marriage can be a lengthy process, bearing a tremendous emotional and financial toll. From the practicalities of disentangling living arrangements and finances to planning the future of your children, there are many important decisions to be made at this emotionally volatile time.

Not only may our Edmonton divorce lawyers be able to help clarify the legal process of your separation, we may also be able to provide key guidance as to approaches that minimize your stress. Whether you are interested in alternative dispute resolution, or would like to know more on what is an uncontested divorce in Alberta, our team is happy to talk.

Rest assured, your consultation will be confidential, as will any information you share with our Edmonton divorce lawyers about your case. Contact us today to schedule a time to speak with us, and learn how we may be of service to you.

Prepare an Overview of Your Particular Circumstances

One of the first things our Edmonton divorce lawyers will ask is for you to describe your situation. The more you can prepare in advance of your first consultation, the more efficiently we may use our time together. 

Details that may be useful include:

  • The major dates of your relationship, including the date of marriage and the date you separated
  • If you are no longer living with your spouse, the date that one of you moved out of the matrimonial home
  • A breakdown of your and your spouse’s roles in managing and maintaining the household
  • Details of both your and your spouse’s careers, noting if either of you supported the other by taking a step back in your own career
  • If you have children, an overview of the relevant circumstances: how old they are, how you and your spouse have historically divided caring for them, any particular needs they may have
  • And more

Many factors may be considered when settling on the terms of a divorce. There may be spousal support ordered, and/or child support. Wondering what are the Alberta child support guidelines, or how property division might work in your case? Schedule your consultation with our Edmonton divorce lawyers today.

Prepare Copies of Important Documents

Having copies of your important documents on hand can help your Edmonton divorce lawyer better understand your case. If available, come to your first consultation with copies of the following:

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Notice of Assessments from the CRA for both yourself and your spouse, over the past three years
  • Any business or partnership agreements you or your spouse own, whether separately or jointly
  • Pay stubs for both you and your spouse
  • If there is one, your marriage contract (eg. prenuptial agreement)
  • If there is one, a separation agreement
  • Any court documents with which you and/or you spouse have been served
  • Any other documents you think may be of help

Prepare a List of Your and Your Spouse’s Assets and Liabilities

A major part of settling a divorce can be deciding how to divide property. The first step to doing so is articulating what assets you and your spouse own jointly and separately, and what liabilities may be tied to you both.

As much as possible, try to record a list of the belongings you owned prior to your marriage, the belongings your spouse owned prior to your marriage, and belongings you and your spouse purchased or received during the marriage. Take note of major gifts, as well as assets received by inheritance. 

Prepare a List of Questions

Your first consultation with an Edmonton divorce lawyer is an opportunity to address the legal questions and concerns you may have about the divorce process. It can also be important to ensure you are comfortable working with your lawyer, particularly given the sensitive personal nature of your legal matter.

Prepare a list of questions to ask your lawyer at your first consultation. Common questions include:

  • What is your experience in Alberta family law?
  • How would you approach a case like mine?
  • What is the easiest way we can resolve this case?
  • Does my case raise any concerns for you?
  • Are there actions I should or should not take?
  • What advice do you have for resolving issues relating to my children?
  • How much do you charge?
  • What do we do next?

At Verhaeghe Law, we prioritize clear, compassionate service, striving to help you understand your rights throughout the process of a divorce. Book your initial consultation with us today to learn more.

Contact Our Edmonton Divorce Lawyers Today for a Consultation

A divorce can be one of the most difficult trials a person faces in their life. Not only is it the end of a relationship, it may also be a fundamental overhaul of one’s financial, emotional, and physical circumstances. At Verhaeghe Law, our Edmonton divorce lawyers are here to help make the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today to discuss your particular case and schedule your initial consultation.

** Please note, this article is intended as a general overview on the subject of divorce law, and is not intended to be legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, please consult with an Alberta divorce lawyer.

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