Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Edmonton: Key Considerations

Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Edmonton: Key Considerations

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, hiring a criminal lawyer to represent you is incredibly important. You may factor in their experience, personality, and areas of practice when deciding if you should work with them.

You may want to speak to our criminal defense lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office to discuss the particulars of your case and see if we may be able to assist you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A lawyer should uphold a significant level of professionalism and exhibit strong ethics. You want to work with someone who is responsible, consistent, and respectful. You may want a lawyer who is responsive and relatively easy to get in touch with should you have questions or concerns throughout the process. You should feel comfortable with your lawyer and trust that they will build a strong strategic defense that is tailored to your objectives and circumstances.

They should be licensed to practice law in Alberta and be in good standing with the Law Society. You should also consider their areas of practice and confirm that it pertains to your specific area of criminal law. With that, you may want to weigh their years of experience and reputation - if possible, it may be helpful to speak to previous clients about their experience.

Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer during a Consultation

When it is time to hire a lawyer, here are some questions to ask during your first meeting:

  • Be upfront about legal fees to avoid any surprises later on in the process. What will this cost you and what are the payment structures available?
  • What is their experience with this area of the law? Have they ever worked on a case similar to yours?
  • What resources are available to them and you? Are they part of a large law firm? Do they have a big client list and are they very busy?
  • What is their communication style and does it match yours? How often would they be in touch?
  • What would they need from you throughout the process? What are their expectations of you as their client?
  • Are they currently available to take on your case? Who would be primarily responsible for your case?
  • What is their legal assessment of your case? What might their proposed plan of action be?
  • And more.

The Importance of Honesty with Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Communication is key when working with your Edmonton criminal defense lawyer. You and your lawyer should be accessible to one another and have conversations that are open. Honesty is the best policy when working with someone who is navigating a high-stakes legal situation on your behalf. You should look for someone with whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. When they have all the facts, your lawyer may be able to fully determine what you are up against, and thus create the best possible defense.

Book a Consultation with Our Edmonton Criminal Lawyers

When charged with a criminal offense, you may have a limited window of time to seek legal counsel, so the sooner you meet with a lawyer the better. Selecting the right lawyer may be the most critical element of your case - with proper support, you could be much closer to achieving your desired outcome.

At Verhaeghe Law Office, our criminal defense lawyers provide services that are tailored to your personal situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

** Please note, this article is intended as a general overview on the subject of criminal law, and is not intended to be legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, please consult with an Alberta criminal lawyer.



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