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Collaborative family law is an alternative dispute resolution process where spouses who are looking to separate/divorce do so in an amicable manner without getting the courts involved. It is a low-cost alternative solution to divorce that's aimed to find amicable solutions in an expeditious way and ultimately can be a better way to maintain healthy family relationships down the road.

Collaborative divorces allow couples to reach a fair resolution to settlements based on their individual priorities - and are sometimes referred to as :good divorces" in the legal community. At Verhaeghe Law Office - we have offices in Edmonton, Athabasca and Whitecourt and are able to service clients across Alberta thanks to technology. Book a consultation with one of our family lawyers today for legal assistance on your collaborative family law matters.

How does Collaborative Family Law Work in Alberta?

We first recommend you find a collaborative law professional or family lawyers to oversee this process. One of the main elements of collaborative family law is that the meetings to address the solutions are done in a structured setting where both parties and their lawyers will communicate directly with one another using a framework. In some situations - additional professionals may also be hired to participate in the process such as financial planning experts or mental health experts. In this structured setting - the lawyers will aim to draft paperwork for the purposes of an agreement such as a Joint Statement of Claim for Divorce and possibly more.

The parties will get into an agreement to ensure the following elements are met:

  • Ensuring that all financial information and other relevant information related to the divorce is fully disclosed. This also eliminates the need to obtain court orders for this information.
  • The parties must proceed in good faith, honestly and respectfully as everyone aims to reach a satisfactory settlement.
  • The parties must not engage in any behaviours or activities that may jeopardize the overall objectives

Negotiation tactics used in collaborative family law processes include interest-based negotiation. This means the focus of the dispute resolution rests on the objectives, values and needs that both parties bring to the table. This makes finding resolutions easier because you and your ex agree on what is important to both of you individually and solutions are provided to ensure both of your best interests are met as opposed to one person's interests over the other. This scenario can create a win-win situation for both parties. The final resolutions are drafted and signed by both parties and in most cases - has a high success rate if done properly.

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