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No matter how long your business has been established or what industry your business is in, there comes a time when you will need the help of a business lawyer. When this time comes for your Fort McMurray based business, there is only one name that you need to consider, and that is Verhaeghe Law Office. We are one of the top business law firms in Fort McMurray, as well as serving the surrounding area. We are a business law firm that has a proven track record, and with our experience, having been in business since 1956, can help your business with a variety of business law issues. We are one of the best local law offices, and are proud of the great things that we have achieved with our varied past clients. From defending in the courtroom to helping new business navigate the legal landscape, to improving legal business operations, we can help your business. From a new and small startup to a larger and already established business, if you are in need of legal representation, we are the law firm to call. Contact us today so that you can schedule a consultation.

Top-Quality Advice from a Local Business Law Expert

At the Verhaeghe Law Office, we know that all clients are different and the needs that you have will vary. A new startup may need a guiding hand through basic business law, whereas an established business may need more specific legal advice over a licensing dispute, for example. As a result of this, our team of attorneys make sure that we design our consultations to be specific to your needs and be sensitive to your exact circumstances. By doing this, we make sure that we are offering you the best legal advice that will actually help and make a difference. When you speak to one of our team, we will work with you so we can get a whole overview of your situation and understand it specifically. We will listen to the needs that you have and then we can start to build up a detailed and comprehensive case file, showcasing what we can do to help. With our expert legal advice, you can then pursue the course of action that is going to best suit your situation and suit your business needs. We have a team of expert attorneys and as a result, we are known for our quality legal advice. If you want to make use of that, then give us a call today.

A Full-Service Business Law Firm

We have helped a wide range of business clients in the past, and navigated them through a range of different proceedings. As well as being experienced in courtroom proceedings and having a great track record of courtroom success, we can help with legal consultations, litigations, and mediations. No matter what your circumstances or situation is, we will guide you through the process to reduce the stress and anxiety the legal issues can bring, and help you through each step in the case. There are a range of laws and legal proceedings that we help our clients to navigate. This can include:
  • Licensing laws. If required, we can help you to know all that there is to know about licensing for your business. There are some definite legal dos and don'ts, and those new to business or needing to change licenses, can benefit from our expertise.
  • Business structure laws. When you are setting up a new business, or want to change your existing business structure, we will be able to help you know all about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of legal business structures. From knowing all about sole proprietorships, to partnerships, and incorporations, with our expert business law knowledge, we can help you to determine which business structure will be the best for you and your business.
  • Employment law. If you are new to business or new to employing employees, then there are a lot of legal structures to navigate through. There are some aspects that you are required to do as an employer, as well as other aspects that are going to be beneficial to your employees. We will make sure you implement what is required by law, which is what will help your business to grow and to thrive with employees that are employed in the right way.

Local Business Law Firm with a Proven Track Record

As one of the leading law firms in the Fort McMurray area, we are proud to help and serve business in this area. We have a great track record of experience, especially in the courtroom, with a team of experienced and expert attorneys. Not only that, but we also have many legal strategies that we have used over the years and that have served us well. We have a superior knowledge of business law, which has helped us to become one of the best and most successful law offices in Fort McMurray. With us as your legal team, you will be giving your business the best chance of success and a positive conclusion to your business law case.

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We are a local law office that is confident in our ability and has shown from working with our previous clients that your Fort McMurray based business will be in good hands with us. With our stellar advice and business law knowledge, as well as our ability and expertise in the courtroom, we guarantee you the best chance of success with us. No matter what your circumstances are or what your business is, we are here to serve the Fort McMurray area businesses and offer quality legal solutions that are effective and can help your business to thrive. To help your business, with any legal queries that you have and to find out more about what we can do to help, schedule a consultation with us. Get in contact with us now.