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Civil Litigation in Barrhead

In Canada, a civil suit is any legal case that does not involve criminal charges made by the government. In a civil suit, there are at least two parties: one is the plaintiff, the one who makes the accusation. The other is the defendant, the one who is accused. Civil lawsuits include, but are not limited to financial compensations, repayment of debts, divorce proceedings, child custody claims, breach of contracts, intellectual property, labor claims and discrimination claims.

Whether you are a defendant or the plaintiff, it is a good idea to get a lawyer to represent you. Only a legal professional can adequately navigate the difficult and extremely complex terrain of civil law. In Barrhead, there’s no better choice than Verhaeghe Law Office. Our team of experienced civil litigation lawyers and legal professionals have taken on and won a wide variety of civil suits. When your livelihood is at stake, don’t take the risk. Always seek legal representation.

How to File a Civil Claim

The first thing you should do is one of two things. Either, go to the Provincial Court of Alberta website and download their Civil Claim Form. You can fill out the form on your computer or print it and fill it out by hand. Or, you can go directly to the Provincial Court in St. Albert, Alberta and get the forms to fill out there. Then you will take your filled-out forms and submit them, along with the necessary fee, to the Provincial Court in St. Albert. Because there only a circuit court in Barrhead, it is necessary for residents to make the trip to St. Albert to drop off the forms for all civil claims.

Civil Litigation Lawyer for Plaintiffs

Depending on your claim it can be helpful to contact a lawyer before filing a claim. Each type of suit requires a different set of evidence to prove that damages have been done. Therefore, in order to fill out the form, you will already need to know the law to some extent. Your evidence must prove that within the limits of the law, that you have a claim and that the person you’re accusing is the right person. In most cases, this requires the help of a lawyer.

The problem is that although the law may appear straight-forward, it never is. The legal professionals at Verhaeghe Law Offices know this all too well. It’s why they’ve made law their vocation.

Civil Litigation Lawyer for Defendants

If you have been accused of something, it is advisable to contact a lawyer immediately. You should never represent yourself, unless you are a legal professional. That’s the kind of stuff that only really happens on TV. In the real world, professional legal representation is the way you win your case.

The tricky thing about the law is that it’s not about whether you are guilty or innocent. This goes for civil as well as criminal cases. What counts is whether you can prove it. In a civil suit, you need a civil litigation lawyer with experience in the field. You need years of experience. You need tried and true legal strategies and tactics.

You need Verhaeghe Law Office.