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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Corporate Lawyer in Morinville

When you’re incorporating a new business or need to find a new corporate lawyer for your existing business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you’ll have to do. After all, the world of business law is a mysterious and murky one. So while you might have a great idea for a killer product or a successful restaurant, without the advice and counsel of one of Alberta’s top corporate law firms could land you in hot water with the law.

Remember that when you’re looking to hire someone experienced in business law, you are the client. Ultimately, you may find that dealing with a firm who has only one senior partner with an astronomical hourly rate is not ideal for your simple contract disputes, or if you need a lengthy and high-risk litigation against a former business partner, you want a firm that won’t designate you to dealing with a junior lawyer.

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we pride ourselves on being Morinville’s best choice for all areas of the law, but we specialize in corporate and business law. So we’ve put together this guide to questions to ask a potential corporate lawyer when you’re sitting down to assess whether the firm meets your needs. Take a look and let us know if this has helped demystify the world of corporate law for you!

I Need a Lawyer: What’s Your Experience in the World of Corporate Law?

Finding a lawyer to handle your business needs is crucial, and to do so, you’ll want to ask them what relevant experience they have. All lawyers will have different specialties and areas of interests based on their past work and current interests.

If you are running a small Morinville corporation and need help with writing contracts for new employees, you likely don’t need someone with a lot of experience in overseeing mergers and acquisitions. Likewise, if you’re a larger company, you don’t want a junior lawyer who’s just cleared the bar to handle your affairs.

How Will You Help Me With My Needs Moving Forward?

The relationship between a lawyer and their client is a long-term one. Sometimes, you may have different expectations about the type and frequency of contact about your business relationship.

It’s important to determine whether your relationship is a good fit. Just like with any other professional—therapist, personal trainer, doctor—ask leading questions about their communication style and personality. This will help decide if a given lawyer or firm is right for you.

One of Morinville’s Top Corporate Law Firms

When you’re looking for local business lawyers with experience in everything from suing for breach of contract to routine incorporation issues, choose Verhaeghe Law Office. Our full-service team of lawyers and support staff are here to explain complicated issues in corporate law to you in a way you’ll understand. That way, you and your business partners can make decisions that are best for your company. Call us today to learn more!