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Nobody gets married with the intent of getting a divorce. Divorces are stressful, emotional, and can be incredibly financially distressing. Finding a lawyer who understands how difficult it is to go through a divorce is important for your peace of mind, and transition out of married life. At Verhaeghe Law Office we have immense amounts of experience both inside and outside of the courtroom and our lawyers have the compassion necessary in a divorce lawyer.

Grounds for Divorce

In Canada there are three ways that a marriage can dissolve into a divorce and those are:

1. Separation; for separation to legally end a marriage, the spouses must live apart for a period of at least one entire year without reconciling for more than 90 days in that timeframe. Separate households are not necessarily required, and there are circumstances in which both parties can live under the same roof and still be considered separated by law.

2. Adultery; in cases where one spouse cheats on another, there may be grounds for a divorce. In this scenario, the only party that is legally able to file for divorce is the spouse who did not commit adultery. In cases of adultery, there is no mandatory year of separation and proceedings can be started immediately but the instance of adultery must be proven in the Court of Queen’s Bench to a Justice or admitted to by the offending spouse.

3. Cruelty; this can consist of either mental or physical cruelty. An instance of cruelty only needs to happen once to be grounds for a divorce but must qualify as severe enough to make cohabitation an impossibility. Like adultery, only the spouse who complains of cruelty is able to file for divorce and the one year of separation is not necessary.

Verhaeghe Law Office Divorce Experts

Divorce can be a long and complicated process and dealing with it is draining and difficult. At Verhaeghe Law Office, Whitecourt residents have a law firm that is able to provide accurate timelines and comprehensive divorce services.

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