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Civil Litigation in Edmonton

As Edmonton's foremost civil litigation attorneys, we protect the rights of the people in our community. We help individuals receive financial compensation or additional remedies for emotional, physical, or financial damages. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals achieve the best possible outcomes, and we are confident we can serve you, too.

Offering the finest civil litigation services in the region, Verhaeghe Law Office is here for you. We file court documents, answer your questions, and act as your advocates from beginning to end. If that sounds like satisfactory legal representation, contact (587) 410-2500 to schedule your consultation.

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Common Types of Cases Our Civil Attorneys Address

The depth of our experience encompasses a wide range of legal matters. Seven of the most common areas of litigation our clients often come to us seeking representation for include:

  • Business litigation
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Family litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Landlord and tenant dispute litigation
  • Financial litigation
  • Rest estate litigation

Are you seeking representation for a matter of law that we have left off this list? We specialize in many areas of law beyond those listed above. We’re the right advocates to help you feel prepared and confident as you enter the courtroom for litigation. Allow us to understand your needs in greater detail. Schedule an initial consultation at your earliest convenience.

Fair Representation Starts with an Experienced Civil Solicitor

When you have your day in court, being prepared is a foremost winning strategy. The more credible supporting facts, evidence, and documentation you can provide, the stronger your case will be. Let us help you track down the elements needed to strengthen your case, ensuring you receive fair and thorough representation at every step.

Our experience and success in representing clients from all backgrounds have given us the opportunity to streamline our services to suit you better. Connect with licensed law professionals to learn more about how we can build a solid case together.

What to Expect From Your Civil Suit Lawyer

When you hire one of our rigorously vetted civil suit lawyers, you can expect a high degree of professionalism and a range of in-depth knowledge that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Our goal is to help you take control of your litigation process by contributing what’s essential in the following areas:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Pre-trial proceedings
  • Trial
  • Settlement
  • Appeals

If this is your first experience with the courts, you’ll need an intuitive lawyer to help you make the decisions that will culminate in finding the best path forward. We’re here to make difficult situations easier and ensure you’re prepared to present your case in the best light possible.

Discuss your goals with a certified attorney with plenty of experience helping clients settle disputes. Contact our team to reserve an appointment to consult with us.

Don’t Go It Alone: Obtain Legal Representation From Our Civil Law Experts

Civil litigation cases can involve high stakes, and a lack of experienced representation can significantly impact the outcome, especially when large sums of money or assets like homes are concerned.

Hiring a civil litigation lawyer from our team ensures you have an experienced professional at the helm throughout the proceedings. We’ll work diligently to protect your interests. Although there are no guarantees in civil litigation cases, working alongside our professionals helps mitigate mistakes and risks and will give you a clear understanding of the proceedings and what to expect during every step of the process.

Going into a civil lawsuit without representation can significantly reduce your chances of a favorable outcome, even if you have a strong case. Our civil lawyers are skilled at presenting the facts in ways that benefit your best interests, which can make a difference in the outcome of your case. To protect your financial well-being and interests, it’s advisable to consult with our legal team.

Civil Dispute Resolution: Your Advocates for a Positive Outcome

Whether you’re involved in a litigation process that involves members of your family, your place of work, a real estate transaction, or personal injury, we’re the advocates you can trust to ensure you receive a fair and positive outcome.

When we put together our long-time group of civil litigation specialists, we took the time to hand-select each individual, ensuring that they represented our values and were dedicated to meeting our standards.

Our criteria include:

  • Licensing and background checks
  • In-depth knowledge of the rules regarding admissible evidence
  • A high level of confidence and mastery of persuasive communication
  • Honestyand a commitment to transparency
  • Clear communication and problem-solving skills
  • Dedication to going above and beyond to serve our clients better

When you face an uncertain future before the courts, don’t put your fate in the hands of an inexperienced law attorney. Contact the team who puts your best interests first every step of the way. Call us today to get started by arranging to consult with us in person.

Attorneys and Advocates at Your Service

Did you suffer at the hands of another's negligence? Are you looking to file a civil suit against an employer because they have breached the terms of your employment contract? Whatever the case, the experienced attorneys at our firm, can be of service. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals receive the financial compensation they need to move forward in life.

The legal experts at our firm do more than help you file the appropriate documents for the civil case. We are attorneys who intend on going the distance for every client we bring into the fold. Let us be the ones to represent you at all junctures. The road to justice might be long, but in good time we will lead you to victory.

With Verhaeghe Law Office as your counsel, you can expect:

  • Fast response times
  • Thoughtful advice and guidance
  • Tailored legal solutions
  • Clear, easy-to-follow legal options
  • A lawyer committed to your success

Working Without a Civil Lawyer May Cost You More

While hiring a civil litigation lawyer may seem expensive upfront, doing so can save you time and money during legal proceedings.

Our civil litigation experts will advise you on various aspects of your case and help you avoid costly mistakes, like receiving a punitive costs order. These orders may be awarded if a party files a frivolous lawsuit or defends a case they know they have no defense for and could result in you being required to cover some or all legal costs for both parties.

In many cases, representation by a lawyer is necessary to ensure a fair cost order. While legal fees may seem like a significant investment, hiring one of our civil law professionals can protect you from incurring detrimental expenses such as punitive costs, hefty fines, and other financial penalties.

We offer a convenient and cost-effective consultation process that makes it easy to explore your options and determine if we’re the right fit for you—dial (587) 410-2500 to book a consultation with us.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

When you are just one tenant up against a landlord or one employee standing against a profitable company, it can be hard for the world to take notice of your concerns. However, when you have the legal expertise of our seasoned attorneys at your disposal, everyone takes notice. We will make sure your voice is heard.

Over the years, we have litigated cases related to:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Real estate litigation
  • Fraud litigation
  • Breaches of contract
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business torts
  • And more

File A Personal Injury Claim Through Verhaeghe Law Office

When you’re involved in a personal injury claim, hiring a civil litigation lawyer helps ensure you receive a fair settlement and are allowed the time you need to recover from your injuries, including potential PTSD.

Our lawyers will assist with all aspects of your case, including:

  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Consulting with your workplace
  • Gathering evidence from potential witnesses

Insurance policies are complex, but our experienced litigation attorneys understand the fine print. Should your claim be reduced or denied, our representatives will work diligently to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

If you have suffered a disability due to your injury, our legal team will help build a strong case for financial assistance. If you don’t remember details of the accident, our lawyers can obtain CCTV footage, interview witnesses, and visit the accident scene to build a strong case.

With our attorney on your side, you can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal aspects of your claim. Connect with us to learn more about the benefits of hiring an expert legal representative during your personal injury claims process.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the legal term used to describe the legal process applied when two parties go to court for non-criminal matters. It covers an expansive range of legal disputes between two or more parties regarding civil matters. Examples of legal disputes it covers include property disagreements and breaches of contract, among many more.

The civil litigation process:

  • The Investigation: To begin, the litigator will conduct an initial investigation, reviewing case information to see whether the lawsuit will hold up in a court of law.

  • The Pleadings: The plaintiff and the defendant will then submit initial litigation papers, known as the “pleadings.” First, the plaintiff will file a Statement of Claim, setting out the basis of the lawsuit based on the plaintiff’s version of events. After submitting a Statement of Claim, the plaintiff has one year to serve the Statement of Claim to the defendant. The defendant will then have to submit a Statement of Defence and serve the plaintiff with it before a pre-determined date.

  • The Pre-Trial: Prior to the trial, both parties will gather information on each other and from third parties to support their case. During this stage, the plaintiff and defendant will have to submit an Affidavit of Records listing all documents relevant to the case, as well as take up questionings, undertakings, and expert and medical examinations. If both parties agree to a settlement, the case can be resolved before going to trial.

  • The Trial: The trial begins with the plaintiff presenting their case and evidence supporting it. Counsel on both sides will present their version of events, and once all witnesses have testified, the judge will deliver their verdict.

  • Appeals (if applicable): Following the trial and settlement, a party may file an appeal if unsatisfied with the result. The party in question will then request a higher court (called the appellate court) to review the trial proceedings to affirm or reject the result. Each party will have to present their arguments in briefs to the appellate court, which will then make a decision based on whether they find any legal errors in the previous court’s proceedings. If the appellate court finds an error, they can reverse the verdict or order a new court trial. The appeal process can take a year or longer.

Verhaeghe Law Office works closely with you through every stage of the litigation process to ensure our services meet your needs. We offer comprehensive legal solutions for a wide range of litigation matters, and we work with your best interests at heart. Whether that means reaching a deal in mediation or going to trial, we’ll be there every step of the way to defend your best interests.

What Is the Role of a Civil Lawyer?

Civil lawyers specializing in litigation are known as litigators. They are trained in helping their clients work through non-criminal legal disagreements and disputes. Furthermore, they help resolve conflicts that involve money, property, fraud, and contracts. A litigator can work with two parties or a group of parties involved in a disagreement and has the flexibility to represent either the plaintiffs or the defendants in civil lawsuits.

With respect to protecting your money or a contract between you and another party, you want to make sure to partner with a reputable lawyer to represent your best interest. When it comes to your money, it's always best to hire someone specializing in civil lawsuits – and that's where we come in.

Verhaeghe Law Office is proud to be one of the most trusted and sought-after civil legal firms in the local area, and we look forward to working on your case with you. To learn more or book a consultation, contact us today at (587) 410-2500.

The Results-Driven Litigation Law Firm

Verhaeghe Law Office is all about one thing: Getting you the results you want.

We are an experienced team of lawyers dedicated to giving you thoughtful guidance, sound advice, and masterful legal representation. Our tenacious negotiation tactics—paired with our commanding courtroom presence—ensure regular opportunities to settle your case in your favour.

Our firm combines expert case preparation and a deep working knowledge of the law to help champion our clients’ rights. Rest assured: With us, you have a civil litigation team you can trust.

Affordable Civil Litigation

Many clients come to us at compromised times. Personal injuries or other issues have left their finances in a state of disarray. We sympathize with the plight of our fellow community members, and that is why we price our legal services in a competitive nature.

In the event of a legal victory, we can subtract all legal fees from the client's settlement. It is a popular approach that eases the client's financial burdens.

Would you like to learn more about our legal services? Contact us at your leisure.

What Our Civil Litigator Can Do for You

Our civil litigators are the experts you need to handle all the legal processes and procedures during the pre-trial phase, including:

  • Developing a strategy and theory for your case.
  • Locating and preparing essential witnesses to support your case.
  • Hiring experts to give testimony where necessary.
  • Creating a discovery plan.
  • Preparing and filing court documents.
  • Preparing and filing procedural motions.
  • Representing you in court.
  • Questioning witnesses.

Our knowledgeable team will counsel you, considering your best interests and working within the parameters of the law. Working with our experienced civil litigators can be essential to building a solid case. Contact us to book a meeting.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Verhaeghe Law Office’s civil litigation professionals in Edmonton are well known for delivering outstanding results to clients just like you, in Edmonton. Civil litigation differs from criminal proceedings in that consequences typically involve paying a monetary fine, known as damages, to the victim(s). Our comprehensive services take you through the preparation, filing, and the court process, vigorously defending your rights, and bringing legal clarity to the tough decisions you are facing. We are pleased to help you with any type of civil litigation in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, please get in touch with our team if you feel that you have been wronged and are owed. We promise the most competitive rates in Edmonton, and you always get a fair shake when our litigators defend you.

Some problems are too big to handle on your own and require legal action. Get in touch with our team today if you need our help. You can reach us at (587) 410-2500 to get started.

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How to File a Civil Lawsuit in Edmonton

Begin this process as soon as possible by hiring an exceptional legal expert right away. We'll organize your case, collecting and presenting the best possible evidence and facts, on your behalf.

The longer you wait to begin the litigation process, the less legitimacy your claim can have. Also, depending on your case, the litigation process can take anywhere from a few days to a few years to complete, so it's best to get things started.

We know that you could be nervous about the outcome depending on your situation. While we understand how you feel, you should contact us anyway. Verhaeghe Law Office is your best chance at a fair payout or judgment. Please reach out to our team today to file your lawsuit and our incredible litigators will help you through the process every step of the way.

Our lawyers have gone through challenging and diverse trials before, giving you the confidence you need to trust our firm. We specialize in cases that involve conflict or controversy. If you find yourself in such a case, we will be your legal advocate.

To file a civil lawsuit, get in touch with our team, tell us about your situation and that you'd like to file, and we will take care of the rest.

Understanding the Process of Civil Litigation

Whether you are new to a civil lawsuit or have been involved in one or more cases, the process can seem daunting, and oftentimes it can be stressful. That is why it is important to understand the process to help you navigate your case with confidence.

Below is a list of the various stages that are included in civil litigation, and our expert litigators can help you through each stage, including:

  • The investigation
  • The pleading
  • The pre-trial
  • The trail
  • The settlement
  • And the appeal process

If you would like to learn more, we invite you to reach our experts at (587) 410-2500 or fill out our online form to book a consultation.

Can Anyone File a Civil Dispute In Edmonton Courts?

If you feel unsure about the legal processes that await you, don't feel embarrassed. The legal system can be quite difficult to navigate on your own. Thankfully, professionals like us are here to walk you through the proceedings and paperwork.

A civil law dispute can be filed by anyone who feels they have been negatively affected, physically, mentally, or financially harmed or injured as a result of another person's actions or failure to act. Evidence gathering and intuitive preparation are critical to a favorable ruling. Outcomes are determined based on the quality of the evidence presented by both parties, rather than quantity, so don't sweat it if you only have a few items.

To properly get to the bottom of your situation and ensure you get your due compensation, you will require a civil litigator like the ones you can find at Verhaeghe Law Office. We pride ourselves on our research, negotiation, and oral advocacy skills and our analytical skills in logical reasoning. All these qualities and a specialization in interpersonal relations improve your odds of winning your case regardless of what it may be. Anyone can file a civil litigation dispute if they've been wronged – we'll be the team to let you know how to deal with it.

Winning Civil Law Cases in Edmonton

Our experience winning civil law cases speaks for itself. We are well versed in municipal, provincial, and federal laws, recent case rulings and the processes and paperwork it takes to get the compensation you deserve. Our highly-educated team take the grief and uncertainty out of putting the wheels in motion on even the most complex circumstances.

If you have a case with a fighting chance, we can help you win it beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many stages to a civil litigation case, and you can trust our team at every station. From the initial investigations to the appeal process, you can count on Verhaeghe Law Office to help you win your case.

Work with a Knowledgeable Team of Lawyers

When you contact us, you get more than the attention and energy of a single attorney. Working with us allows you to tap into the expertise of our entire law firm. With decades of combined experience to our name, we are more than confident we will be able to help you.

Over the years, our team has seen it all. We are equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide you with superior legal support, and we look forward to doing just that. If you have questions or concerns about the process of civil litigation, or if you've yet to decide whether to move forward with the process, our team would be happy to chat with you and help you make the right decision.

Throughout the entire process of a case, we will stay in communication with our clients. At no point throughout your time with us will you feel confused about where you stand or what you need to do. If you feel confused, we will explain everything we can to you so you feel on top of things.

If you have any questions about a situation where you feel you could be entitled to compensation, act quickly and call us today! Your case will lose steam the longer you wait, and it is best to get started quickly.

Reach us to schedule a personalized consultation and get started on your case today.

Negligence Law Categories

Negligence is a commonly pursued law in Alberta, and breaks down into the following subsections:

  • Malice
  • Breach of duty
  • Direct cause
  • Legal cause
  • Harm
  • Intent

Wherever your situation falls under existing law, we work with you to present the supporting evidence and facts and documents necessary to achieve the best available ruling.

The Best Edmonton Litigation Lawyer for Your Case

We strive to provide the most comprehensive services, at affordable rates, making our compassionate services accessible to all. A good litigation lawyer will go to bat for you when you've been hurt, at no fault of your own, but a great one like us will give you the confidence you need to gain peace of mind throughout the whole process.

When you contact us about hiring a lawyer in a civil litigation suit, we'll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. This meeting will allow us to get an understanding of your case and match you with an expert that is well-suited to your needs.

We know that you're busy, and we'll do what we can to work around your schedule.

A Law Firm with a 50 Year History

Having served the local area for many decades, Verhaeghe Law Office is a name you can trust whenever you need a civil attorney. We promise to approach your civil dispute with the same care and attention that we have offered our clients throughout our time in business. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services and how we can help your case.

While there are other legal teams working in Edmonton, our experts specialize in civil litigation and have an unparalleled experience. If you'd like to learn more about why Verhaeghe Law Office is the best choice for your case, please contact our representatives by phone or email.

Versatile Civil Litigation Attorneys in Edmonton

Having found success in many different civil lawsuits, you can feel confident when we are handling your case. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, we promise to use the full extent of our abilities to represent you. Some of the cases we are qualified to handle include:

  • Business law
  • Personal injury
  • Breach of contract
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Fraud
  • Real estate litigation
  • And more

Working with Our Civil Litigation Team on a Range of Issues

When you're faced with a legal dispute and unsure of how to move forward, not knowing your legal rights will only worsen your situation. It's essential to know where you stand legally to help you navigate the dispute in a way that supports your best interest in the case. As distressing as this sounds, it makes the process much more manageable and elevates the probability of you winning your case. Seeking the appropriate legal resources is the best way to get this done, and this is how we can help you.

Here at Verhaeghe Law Office, our litigators have worked on countless cases related to everything from family law to environmental law to estate litigation and everything in between. If you are unsure of your legal rights and how a litigator can help you, be sure to contact our office to learn more. We will gather all the pertinent details about your case and provide you with the best legal course of action.

Commercial Litigation and Corporate Claims: Expert Civil Suit Lawyers on Your Side

Our expert commercial litigation and corporate claims specialists are the civil suit lawyers you want on your team. With a solid track record for achieving the best possible results, you can rest assured your interests will be well represented in court. Whether you are planning to make a claim for damage, you have recently been served with a claim yourself, or you anticipate you might be facing a claim in the future, we’re the law professionals who deeply understand the process.

We’ll guide you through with the precision and care only a seasoned expert can provide. Reach us by phone or email to book a consultation.

Best Civil Lawyer for Matters in Construction Law

Need a top-rated civil lawyer to help you settle a construction law claim? Some of the most common causes of construction disputes can include:

  • Construction delays that lead to conflicts between both parties
  • Errors in contracts
  • Poor quality construction or construction materials
  • Unfulfilled contract obligations
  • Poor project management
  • And much more

Allow us to walk you through the process of filing or receiving a construction dispute claim. Connect with our team to learn more during a risk-free consultation.

Pick the Right Civil Attorneys to Assist in Your Defamation Case

How can our civil attorneys assist you in your defamation case? To start, we can move quickly to have the material in question removed from circulation to minimize harm as much as possible.

Second, we will help you take the necessary steps to seek any damages you may be entitled to. Don’t hesitate to consult with our licensed professionals for the answers to any questions you may have.

Defamation is serious and can seriously impact your life without being appropriately handled. If your career, career trajectory, or personal relations have been sullied by slander, please speak with our team and describe the situation. We will let you know if you have a case and whether it stands a chance in the court.

Choose a Top Civil Attorney for Employment Litigation Matters

When you are dealing with employment litigation matters, you’ll need a top-recommended civil attorney to provide you with expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. We specialize in assisting with:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • And more

Take the next step by dialing our number to book a consultation with one of the area’s best-rated civil law layers.

Our Complex Civil Litigation Experts Guide You Through Estate Litigation

If you’ve recently experienced the loss of a loved one, you may now be facing disputes concerning their estate. Let our seasoned team ensure you receive your fair share of what you are entitled to. We walk you through the process of:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation
  • Mediation of estate
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • and much more

We’re looking forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to phone us to go over the details of your circumstances during a free consultation.

Our Professional Litigation Attorneys Help You Navigate Family Law

Our compassionate team is the litigation attorney that helps you find a clear path through the complexities of family law. The following are some of the most common areas of family law we assist our clients with:

  • Child support
  • Custody and access agreements
  • Separation
  • Spousal support

Do you have questions about your family law claim or a claim that has been filed against you? Reach us to book an appointment to discuss the details during a no-obligation consultation.

Civil Litigation Lawyers That Care About Your Story

As part of our mission to provide our clients with exceptional legal services, we work hard to personalize our approach to every case. When you work with us, you will find that we always take the time to listen to our clients and understand the full picture of your situation. You never have to worry about us trying to fit you into a box, which is where the true value of our service is. We want to listen to your needs, assess them thoroughly, and make decisions for your case that ensure you have the best representation for your situation. We’re the team to contact for all your common and complex civil litigation problems. Contact us today to book an appointment and tell us your story. We're here to listen to the legal issues you’re facing and guide you toward the best possible outcome for you.

The more information we have about your case, the better we will be able to serve you, so please let us in on the details from the get-go!

Great Communication Throughout Your Civil Litigation

If you want to make sure you stay informed during the entire legal process, then Verhaeghe Law Office is the law firm for you. We work hard to keep our clients up to date and explain everything to them in terms they can understand. Going through a lawsuit can be a confusing process, but it doesn't have to be when you work with us.

We are more than happy to answer questions about your case at any time. Our legal team is available throughout the week to check in with you, address inquiries and concerns, and let you know how the process is going. Never hesitate to get in touch with us!

Persuasive Team of Litigators

Any litigators worth their salt must be articulate and knowledgeable enough to present convincing cases to judges, juries, clients, etc. We’ve proven ourselves to countless clients as compelling and persuasive litigators throughout the years. In our line of work, having and knowing how to wield the power of persuasion is vital to our success as a firm. From convincing the opposition of the strength of our case to negotiating on our client’s behalf to representing them in court, communication and persuasion are critical aspects of what we do. We’re a highly competent team of lawyers with the legal knowledge and experience to understand how your case works and help you through it successfully.

Practical Solutions for Your Civil Dispute

We never complicate things or strive for unrealistic goals. Rather, our lawyers bring an informed and level-headed viewpoint to your litigation process. We will work with you to bring the best possible outcome to your case, so you never have to think about what could have been done differently.

When you choose to work with our experts, you can rest assured you're in very capable hands. We won't beat around the bush - we'll tell you what you need to know and use our resources to play your case smart from start to finish.

A Technologically Oriented Law Firm

We have never been afraid of embracing modern solutions. By utilizing the latest technology to approach your case from all angles, we are able to provide the most comprehensive legal representation around. Our firm operates with the highest standards in security and efficiency, which is demonstrated through our advanced resources.

This technology allows us to do our job better than ever before. In many cases, it speeds up the process, prevents slip-ups, and makes sure the case is taken care of more accurately too.

When looking for the most thorough civil litigation law firm in Edmonton, Verhaeghe Law Office is the name to remember. If you've worked with litigation attorneys before, you'll know it’s not always smooth sailing. However, we’re trained to use all the modern conveniences available to litigators today. We have implemented the latest technological innovations in the legal field into our practice, making for a smooth and streamlined litigation service. Please contact our team today for one of Edmonton's most technically adept litigators. Call us today for convenient services.

Conveniently Located Law Firm

Another added benefit of working with our team is our easily accessible law office. You will have no problem finding our building or getting a parking spot, which makes our legal services all the more advantageous.

From the moment you search for a civil litigator near you on Google, we’ve worked hard to streamline the process of working with our legal team. Just look us up online for directions, and you'll see that we’re never hard to get to, no matter where you are in Edmonton.

If you'd like directions to our law office, or if you have other logistical inquiries, please don't hesitate to give our experts a call at your convenience. We’re always here to speak with clients and provide guidance and solutions to their legal issues. Need our services? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and we'll be waiting for you at our conveniently located legal firm. We look forward to speaking with you.

Save Money on Legal Fees

Our honest and affordable pricing ensures that you never overpay for the legal services you need. We have always prided ourselves on our fair rates-something that has also helped us create many satisfied clients. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our rates for your particular case type and what we can do for you.

We believe that providing our clients with excellent litigation services that support their best interests can only be achieved by offering our counsel and skill at reasonable and accessible prices. We know that legal expenses can be a barrier, depending on your financial situation, so we try to offer competitive rates that allow us to do our work honestly and fairly. Get in touch with our team today if you need an affordable civil litigator who works with your success in mind.

Wrongful Death Law

In Alberta, wrongful death suits must follow the Fatal Accidents Act. During a difficult time like this, it is important to protect your best interests and ease your burden by seeking professional assistance. We can help you build and present the supporting evidence you need to receive the compensation and damages you deserve.

As civil litigators, we’ve cultivated active listening and open communication skills to help you navigate the legal aspect of these incredibly challenging times. You can count on us to do everything we can to ease your burden and advocate for your best interests, even when you’re dealing with the ramifications of a wrongful death suit. If you're looking for an experienced and trustworthy local lawyer to ease you through a difficult time, Verhaeghe Law Office is the team to call in Edmonton.

Civil Legal Advice

Our reputation is built on giving our clients in Edmonton the best civil legal advice and the support they need. We go the extra distance to streamline your experience and remove unnecessary stress. Don't accept “wisdom” from just anyone. The success of your case and the compensation you are owed is too important not to consult with a licensed professional. To request more information on the full range of civil litigation advice and services we provide, call our Edmonton office today. Our friendly staff will set you up with a no-obligation consultation.

Work with the Area’s Best Civil Litigation Attorney’s

When you are looking to file a lawsuit, you don’t want to hire just any old lawyer. You want to hire a lawyer that specializes in civil litigation, and if you’re searching for specialized care in Edmonton, Verhaeghe Law Office has you covered.

Contact our expert team today and enjoy a customized approach to civil law like no other. Our team looks forward to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations!

You can contact our team at (587) 410-2500.