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Labour and Employment Lawyer in Edmonton

At Verhaeghe Law Office, our aggressive in-court tactics and ability to produce favorable rulings against companies of all sizes make us leaders in labour and employment law in Edmonton. We support you and your loved ones with highly intelligent litigation strategy in and out of the courthouse, and help you with all the necessary documentation you need for success.

Full-Service Employment Law Advice You Can Trust

We are proud to be among the leading authorities on employment law. We put the effort and time in to get to know the specific details of your one-of-a-kind circumstance and explain all of your options to you. The depth of our knowledge in employment law is not limited to the following areas:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Wages
  • Vacation leave issues
  • Parental /maternity leave
  • Employee contracts
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Pay
  • Pensions
  • Health and safety
  • Medical absences

Employee rights aren’t always clear, especially when you are feeling intimidated by being up against a company who has an aggressive litigation team working for them. We’ll be your unyielding shield, protecting you from the harm of settling for less than you deserve.

Types of Employment Discrimination

Canadian law classifies employment discrimination as any action or behavior that prohibits a person for being hired for and keeping a position based on their race, religion, age, sex, color, disability and genetic information.

There is a statue of limitations on the length of time that can pass before you can no longer file a complaint. Do not miss your opportunity to protect your best interests, and make things right under the law. We are here to defend and support you, explain each stage of the proceedings, and collect and prepare documents and evidence on your behalf.

Were You Involved in an Illegal Unlawful Termination?

Alberta law protects employees from unlawful termination. If you have reason to believe you’ve been dismissed from your job for reasons which are considered discriminatory or unlawful, we can assist you getting your claim started right away.

Employee Contract Law Explained

Contract disputes can arise when employees and those companies they work for don’t see eye to eye on the fine details. If you’re engaged in contract negotiations or have reason to believe a contract you have signed has been breached, we can assist you expediting a resolution that matches your litigation goals.

The Workers Compensation Application Process

There are three main factors that determine your eligibility for worker’s compensation in Edmonton:

  1. Your employer carriers or is required by law to hold worker’s compensation insurance for all employees.
  2. You work for this person or organization.
  3. Your injury, condition or illness is directly related to your work.

There are many gray areas surrounding the complexities of worker’s compensation law. Allow us to understand the details of your situation in full so we can clarify this process for you, removing any barriers to your success.

To request a meeting with one of our top labour and employment law authorities, call our Edmonton office to book a consultation today.