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With our lawyers and specialist lawyers, we are at your disposal in our law firm in Morinville to assert your interests in and out of court. Thanks to in-depth training, regular advanced training, and many years of experience in our areas of law, you can expect legally adept representation and advice. In addition, our broad network not only in the administration of justice sharpens our practical understanding of problems and helps us never to lose sight of what is legally feasible. Our past work and projects constantly prove our special knowledge and experience in the area of real estate law. You can place your trust in us.

Estate law covers a multitude of issues. So, regardless of whether you want to rent or buy a house or apartment, real estate law is complex and requires a professional eye. Both tenants and buyers are often faced with many legal question marks. And as a landlord or seller, you are well-advised to consult a specialist lawyer if you have problems. Some of the professional questions that are included are: What rights and obligations do I have as a tenant or landlord? How do I draft a sales contract? How do I behave correctly in a homeowners association? There are also a plethora of issues related to wills and power of attorney. When a family member has an estate, it is important to know what rights you may have to this estate if they pass away. 

Freedom Law, Morinville deals with a plethora of issues relating to Estate Law. Please see our list below and please note that this is not a comprehensive list. We are happy to provide you with future details upon request. We deal with:  

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Directives
  • Estate matters including trust disputes and litigation  
  • Settling of estates
  • Estate planning solutions
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Estate Court Applications
  • Many more.

Why Choose Freedom Law?

Our law firm has many years of expertise in the field of estate law. Our dedicated team has a working ethos that matches all our clients' needs. Working to deadlines promptly and professionally is something we take great pride in. Our dedication to work, with a strict view on all matters, ensures that each of our clients is offered impeccable service. We appreciate the sensitivity of many subjects. We work tirelessly to ensure that you are receiving the help you need when you need it. Expertise in legal matters is a must if you are dealing with uncertain situations. A professional eye can help win your case and offer you vital advice. 

We have looked after a wide variety of projects, and each job we undertake highlights our core competencies. We provide support in the context of the legal review of the intrinsic value of rental contracts, through comprehensive support for the purchase of properties and the subsequent optimization of the rental contracts after the takeover. Our expertise ranges from simple queries to the most in-depth and complex issues. We appreciate that this area of law is tricky, therefore you can rest assured that every case is dealt with personally and professionally. We treat confidentiality as our main priority. You are in safe hands, time after time. We work for you. We believe in full transparency. 

Because only a transparent and professional legal advisor can get the best possible result for you. We constantly exchange ideas with our clients and place great value on trusting and serious cooperation. We want you to be able to trust our expertise and have assisted thousands of people in their quest for the best result. We also have a vast connection network, which means that we always have access to the best services at your disposal. Thanks to our excellent network in the real estate sector, the law firm can also successfully support you in many areas. We have built up an excellent reputation in Morinville and continue to do so. We ensure that all cases are dealt with appropriately and the best decisions are made for the individual/company. 

Our law firm in Morinville is your only point of contact and coordinates all processes - we offer this service nationwide. In the past few years, we have offered assistance to a multitude of businesses across the country. We coordinate the cooperation of many third-party interventions where needed, and above all, we work to get the best result. You can guarantee that our team will ensure you feel safe and secure throughout the process. We want to make you feel like family because your trust is important to us. 

It's time to win your case

We know that winning your case, and having the justice that you desire is important. Getting the result that you desire takes meticulous planning and attention to detail. Our team guarantees you this. 

Because our clients are important to us…

We attach great importance to a trusting relationship with our clients. Because only personal and individual support will help you. With many years of experience, we can offer you a comprehensive range of assistance. You can get professional legal advice from us that you can use for any future issues. We also advise and represent you in possible proceedings. Therefore, we know that your desired result can be reached. 

Ultimately, real estate law also and especially includes construction and architects law. We support architects, builders, property developers, and project developers in the planning phase. Our clients in the field of estate law vary and may include individual owners, asset management companies, real estate funds, "family offices" as well as local authorities and municipal companies. From project development and the restructuring of rental properties to classic rental contract negotiations, we offer you the entire spectrum of real estate law. If you or someone that you know needs some information relating to estate law, please feel free to see if one of our team members can assist you today. 

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