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Whenever family problems become legal problems, things can get overwhelming very fast. Families are delicate. The bonds between family members are always run through with emotions. The social factors almost always outweigh the contractual. This is why it’s such a complicated area for law. And it’s also why they require a whole branch of law, family law, to handle the disputes that affect them.

The family lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office have been practicing for many years. Their care and sensitivity are always paired with the legal expertise. This combination has made the family lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office the most sought-after legal professionals in Barrhead, Edmonton, and Northern Alberta.

Divorce in Family Law

Divorce is regulated by the federal government in Canada. Divorce can only be granted to a couple if it is possible to prove a “marriage breakdown”. This can be proven by a separation of at least one year prior to filing the divorce. This is the easiest way to file for divorce because it implies that both parties are already in agreement about the possibility of divorce—if it happens. It’s also the easiest to prove.

More difficult to prove are marriage breakdowns based on either adultery or cruelty. In each of these cases, if the defendant refuses to admit any wrongdoing, the case can be taken to court. In court, evidence must be presented that proves that a divorce is a necessary step.

Child Custody in Family Law

When children are involved in a divorce, things can get very messy. Both parents may want the rights over their child’s life. That is why separation is encouraged as a first step towards divorce. The time apart may allow the parents to figure things out or decide that it’s not working at all and how to deal with it. Regardless of how well the divorce goes, it will cause huge changes to the family relationships.

In Alberta, where a holistic approach to divorce is encouraged, a separation is often paired with ‘Parenting After Separation’ courses. This will give the parents an opportunity to learn about what it means to take care of one or more dependents while being separated.

If divorce is the only solution, there are many custody arrangements that can be settled on. In some cases, custody can be decided relatively easily. In others, it is a long and painful process. The only way to get the settlement you deserve is to hire a professional in family law. Verhaeghe Law Office is the number one choice in Barrhead for all child custody related legal cases.

Common Law Relationships in Family Law

In Alberta, common law relationships are not governed by the Matrimonial Property Law. This means that in the case of a separation the property will remain in the name of the person who owns it. In most cases, everything will be given to the person who owns the property. There are certain situations, such as where land was purchased together, or one partner helped the other to pay for a large purchase, where common law partners will divide property after a separation.

It’s always best to contact a lawyer in this situation. If you live in Barrhead, there’s no law firm better than Verhaeghe Law Office.

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