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Family Lawyers in Fort McMurray

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we are a full-service law firm. This doesn't just mean that we have a basic, one-size-fits-all approach to handling our clients. In fact, it is just the opposite. Verhaeghe Law Office is versed in many different avenues of the law, making us ready for whoever comes through our office doors.

This versatility in legal matters makes Verhaeghe Law more than capable of handling the complex matters of family law. We know that matters that fall under the practice area of family law are often sensitive issues. Cases may deal with the care and protection of children, perhaps, or the responsibilities toward children. These are delicate matters, and we do not take them lightly. The staff at Verhaeghe are trained not only to practice law but also in active listening. And we begin listening to you the second you walk through our doors or give us a call. Our attention to detail will ensure that your legal advice and representation is second to none.

Verhaeghe Law Office: The People We Help

We represent both men and women equally. Whether someone is married, or an adult-interdependent partner (formerly referred to as a ‘common law’ spouse or partner), we can help you.

Some of the issues that fall under the practice of family law include:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody Negotiation
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Child Protection
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support Settlements

With all these matters, we work with you and your family to help provide you with a sense of closure. Our services aren’t simply limited to legal advice or courtroom representation, either. Verhaeghe Law Office has offered services as diverse as document preparation to the mediation of self-represented disputes. The families of Fort McMurray know that when they work with us, we’ll always work with them to bring their stressful situations to a close in a timely fashion.

All Matters of Family Law

Family law is an extremely broad area of the law, not just limited to protection of children or spousal matters. Real estate, property, and estates are often matters contested in family law. Rest assured, the team at Verhaeghe Law knows what to anticipate when estates and property are caught in the turmoil of marital or adult-interdependent separations.

The Fort McMurray Lawyers Who Ask and Listen

There are many popular misconceptions about the world of law offices and lawyers in general. People will sometimes not pursue injustices or advocate for their own well-being because they don’t want to drag themselves and their families through the stress of the lengthy legal battles seen in legal dramas and headline news.

But not all matters of family law make it to courtrooms. At Verhaeghe Law, we are strong advocates and practitioners of negotiation. Negotiating legal matters between the involved parties allows for an opportunity for those involved to discuss legal matters without the headache of a trial. At Verhaeghe Law, we don’t want families to endure more than they have to.