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If you’re in a situation where you need to seek out a family lawyer, we at Verhaeghe Law Office are sorry that you and your loved ones are in this position. Human relationships are complicated, and as much as we all want to believe the images of picture-perfect families that we see on television, the reality is often not so pretty. And that’s why we have special laws in Canada to deal with the many complicated problems that real Grande Prairie families can face.

The biggest issue? Well, family law in Canada is pretty complicated. It’s not something you can figure out with a few hours spent on the Internet. And the consequences of not being prepared for a family law court appearance or in a divorce mediation can be devastating.

If you need help with arranging child custody or are looking for affordable divorce lawyers in Grande Prairie, you’ve come to the right website. Verhaeghe Law Office is one of the best family law firms in Alberta. Our office is located in West Edmonton but serves the entire region. And every member of our team, from the legal clerks to the support staff, is hand-picked by our founding partner to provide the most professional and discreet family legal services to clients in Grande Prairie and beyond.

Child Custody

Our approach at Verhaeghe Law Office is simple: we will aggressively fight for a fair and equitable resolution that takes into account your rights as a parent and your child’s right to be cared for.

Many family law firms avoid going to court, but Richard Verhaeghe has successfully defended dozens of clients before judges and juries, and will provide you practical solutions every step of the way until your needs are vindicated in court.

The issue of child custody is, of course, a delicate and sensitive subject. While everyone at Verhaeghe Law Office will pursue you and your children’s best interests, we also recognize that every client will have different needs. We promise to always respect those needs while accomplishing a legal resolution to your child custody agreement that works for everyone.

Affordable Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is already a stressful and complicated experience. The last thing you want when going through a divorce is to be worried about how you’re going to be able to pay for your divorce lawyer.

And family law help in this area is absolutely necessary: without proper representation, you could be on the losing end of a costly settlement that only awards you visitation rights instead of partial custody.

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If you’re looking for a family law firm with the experience and talent to bring you and your loved ones to a successful and peaceful resolution, call Verhaeghe Law Office today. We’re a full-service law firm that can handle any family law dispute from child custody to divorce representation to estate planning and execution. If you need to learn more, call us today or drop in to our office during business hours, conveniently located close to Grande Prairie. Let us help you get the peace of mind you deserve.