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Family Lawyer in Stony Plain

If you’re facing a scenario where a family lawyer is necessary, we at Verhaeghe Law Office are sorry. Making the decision to seek out a family lawyer isn’t one that anyone does on a whim, but usually only because a relationship—whether it be spousal or parental—is damaged beyond repair. It’s a tough situation to be in for anyone.

The fact of the matter is, however, that in life, it’s true that some relationships will fail. While no one sets out on a relationship with a spouse, parent, or child with that fact at the back of their mind, life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into the plans that Stony Plain residents make.

And that’s exactly why there is a special branch of the law in Alberta dedicated to protecting families—especially children. When a relationship without children ends, both parties go their separate ways. But in a relationship with children involved, the two parties are forever linked in some way by their relationship to their children.

This is usually mediated by the law to ensure that the children are well cared for and that the children’s parents or guardians have the right to see them in a way that makes sense for all involved.

What Can a Stony Plain Family Lawyer Do for Me?

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we’re proud of the company we’ve built. Because we have a large and skilled in-house team and lawyers experienced in family law in the province of Alberta, we can help with virtually any legal matter you might require a family lawyer for. We’re happy to offer the following services to our Stony Plain clients:

  • Understanding and filing adoption paperwork for domestic and international adoptions
  • Cases involving domestic or child abuse that require immediate attention
  • Child custody negotiations and agreements
  • Prenuptial or premarital contracts
  • Divorce filing and representation before a judge
  • Alimony, child support, or spousal support agreements
  • Reconciliation and divorce settlements
  • Restraining orders
  • Elder abuse protections

A Trusted Partner

All of the lawyers and support staff at Verhaeghe Law Office have a single mission in mind: helping our clients navigate the complicated world of law. We take the time to explain the law as it applies to your case in laymen’s terms, so you can make the decision that’s best for you.

And if you feel like an ex-partner is taking advantage of you or entitled to an unfair share under your current agreement, we will aggressively pursue your best interests, including to court if absolutely necessary.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Family Law in Stony Plain

Verhaeghe Law Office has a modern and fully physically accessible office conveniently located in Edmonton. And with a full support staff, including in-house billing and a team of experienced lawyers, we’re able to serve your legal needs, whatever they may be.

Call us today to schedule an initial consultation or drop by our office during regular hours and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.