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Probate and Wills in Grande Prairie

Affordable Legal Help With Probate and Wills for Grande Prairie Residents

The world of estate planning is a complicated one. And many Grande Prairie residents don’t take the necessary time to plan for the future. If you’ve recently lost a loved one and been named executor of an estate, or if you’re having difficulty with the executor of a loved one’s will, or even just thinking ahead to plan for the future of your children and loved ones, it’s important to contact a professional wills and estates law firm. Verhaeghe Law Office has years of experience in providing affordable and practical legal solutions to Grande Prairie residents for every aspect of the law, including wills and estates.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for Estate Planning?

Did you know that many Albertans, even those with children, do not have a will prepared or a plan for their future estate? Procrastinating when it comes to estate planning can lead to disaster. No one can predict the future, and it’s impossible to know what tomorrow will bring. That’s why it’s crucial that every Grande Prairie resident have their affairs in order.

What Happens if a Will is not Probated in Alberta?

It’s important that you have a trusted legal advisor able to walk through your will’s executor through the probate application process. Applying for probate varies from province to province, with each Provincial Court setting different standards. It can be a very complicated process, but it’s absolutely essential.

Without a probated will, your executor can run into resistance from banks and insurance companies. These institutions want proof that a given will is ‘official’ before disbursing funds and property, because they could be liable for a lawsuit if they make a mistake.

We’re fortunate to live in a province where probate fees are very low. Unlike some areas of this country, Grande Prairie residents will only pay a maximum of $400 in probate fees. So with this in mind, there’s no reason to not get the security and safety that a probate will provides for your loved ones.

I Need Help Fulfilling My Executor Responsibilities

Being an executor is tough work. Often, people are not informed before they are named executor of someone’s estate. If they are closely related to the will-holder, they are often overwhelmed by the process of grieving. Adding mountains of paperwork on top of a devastating emotional loss is a recipe for disaster.

If you are an executor of someone’s will struggling with understanding the complex executor responsibilities you’ve been handed, call a will and estates planning lawyer you trust.

The Best and Most Professional Choice for Wills and Estate Planning

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, we at Verhaeghe Law Office want to say that we are sorry for the situation you have found yourself in. We know that dealing with wills and estates are the last thing that many Canadians want to think about.

But the fact of the matter is that a qualified wills and estates law firm will help you complete the legal work so you can return to what it is you should be doing: celebrating the life of your loved one. Call us today—legal help is right at your fingertips!