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Probate and Wills in Morinville

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, you don’t only need to deal with the feelings of grief and loss that you and your family experience. You also need to deal with the legal matters that arise. If your loved one did not leave a probate will, you may not be able to honour their last wishes, as the estate will automatically be placed in trust by the Albertan government and divided up as they see fit.

For many people in Morinville, this isn’t the legacy they’d like to leave behind. So when it comes to ensuring your last wishes are respected, or to get help with your duties as executor for a loved one’s estate, consulting with a counsel that understands the landscape of family law in Canada is important.

Verhaeghe Law Office has helped Morinville residents with legal matters from small to large, simple to complex, and our full-service firm has everything you need to secure your estate and your loved ones’ financial security.

What Does it Mean to Have a ‘Probate’ Will?

A will that has been probated is the ‘official’ version of a will. It is usually written with the help of a lawyer who specializes in estates and trusts and then approved with the province. This involves paying special fees.

However, a probated will isn’t set in stone. If you have been disinherited or excluded unfairly, you are allowed to appeal a probate will. This is common when caregivers or relatives take advantage of elderly or infirm persons to rewrite a will to their benefit.

Why Do I Need a Will?

Because Morinville is such a safe place to live, many people delay writing their wills, thinking that it’s something they should do in their 60s or later.

But life isn’t so predictable. Estate planning is necessary for anyone who has assets (such as a house or a small business) and people they’d like to pass those assets onto. And that qualifies pretty much everyone, no matter what age they are. Don’t get caught up in a false sense of security when the financial and material security of your heirs is at stake.

A will isn’t just for persons who are in declining health. An accident can change your life in an instant; no one plans to be injured or worse, but it happens to hundreds of people every single day.

A will can make expressly clear your wishes for you if you are rendered unable to care for yourself without medical assistance, relieving your loved ones of a traumatic legal battle or unwanted publicity.

Who Should I Trust With My Probated Will?

To be sure your will is crystal-clear in the eyes of the law and to avoid paying unnecessary fees for a substandard job, trust the family law experts at Verhaeghe Law Office. Our conveniently located and physically accessible West Edmonton office is prepared to serve your legal needs no matter how large or small. Call us today to learn more and to plan a bright future for the ones you love.