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Probate and Wills Slave Lake

Your Guide to Probate and Wills in Slave Lake, Alberta

You’ve worked hard to build a better life for you and your family in the here and now. But planning for the future can be difficult. Navigating the complicated world of wills, trusts, and estates is a tough task for most Slave Lake residents. If you have a significant amount of assets you want to use to give your loved ones the best start in life, it’s crucial to find a law firm that can work to keep your estate intact.

Probate and Wills in Alberta

The legal system in Alberta requires that all estates go through the process of probate. In essence, what this means is that a will is recognized by the courts and the executor of the estate is empowered to act. Without a will being officially recognized by the courts, your bank may refuse to release the assets to prevent themselves from taking on unnecessary legal liability.

Think of it as a validation process for your will. The purpose of probate is to make sure that a will is well and truly valid according to the last wishes of the deceased. Ultimately, probate holds a significant role in asset distribution and wealth management.

It's essential your law firm be prepared to bring forward your official version of your last wishes—expressed in your will—to the surrogate court.

Can I Avoid Probate Fees?

Probate fees are the legal fees required to be paid by the estate to the court to validate your will by putting it through the probate process. In some jurisdictions, such as Ontario, the fees can be up to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the estate.

Luckily, in Alberta, we are blessed with low probate fees. The maximum price paid for any one estate is up to $400. That said, you will also need to pay a lawyer to help guide the executor of your estate through the process, which can be difficult without guidance.

How Do I Provide for my Family and Make Sure my Estate is Successfully Administered?

Partnering with a law firm that has your best interests at heart is the best way to make sure your loved ones are cared for—no matter what happens in the future. That’s why Albertans in Slave Lake and all over the province trust Verhaeghe Law Office.

Verhaeghe Law Office is proud to bring cutting-edge developments in estates, wills, and trusts. You can be sure that your representative at Verhaeghe Law Office will always have you and your estate’s best interests at heart. Want to know more? Give our office a call to set up an initial appointment. We’re conveniently located in West Edmonton if you’re able to drop in, but we can also coordinate documents over the phone.

We can provide legal advice without a retainer agreement in some instances, so it won’t cost you anything until you’re sure that our firm is the best for you. To secure your family’s future, call us today!