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Corporate Law

A brief introduction to business and corporate law

Running a business is a dream come true for many aspiring entrepreneurs and moguls in the making, but the road to success can be fraught with obstacles and potential pitfalls. Business law, small business law and corporate law are areas of law that deal with commercial matters. This is a diverse area, which covers a broad spectrum of services, including transactions, structuring businesses, dealing with disputes, tax litigation, shareholder agreements, real estate and mergers and acquisitions. The terms business and corporate law are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences. Business law relates to matters linked to commercial activity, while corporate law focuses on matters associated with corporations. A corporation is recognised as a single entity.

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What do business lawyers do?

Business lawyers offer an array of services for clients across all sectors. At Verhaeghe Law, we work with small, medium-sized and large businesses and corporations to handle a vast range of matters. Business lawyers specialize in issues related to commercial activity, company and corporate ownership and structuring, mergers and acquisitions, incorporations, shareholder agreements and legal disputes with customers or employees. Corporate law is focused primarily on the following areas:
  • Incorporating companies
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Overseeing mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Condominium corporate organization
  • Drafting agreements and documentation
  • Preparing and advising on contracts
  • Rollovers and reorganizations

Does every business need a lawyer?

Managing a business of any size or scale requires owners to juggle several balls simultaneously. In addition to impressing customers, hiring and recruiting, generating orders and sales and balancing the books, business owners have legal responsibilities. It is beneficial for all enterprises to have access to experienced lawyers who specialize in small business law, business law or corporate law. From drawing up contracts and reviewing shareholder terms to dealing with disputes with customers and restructuring, there are several reasons why business owners may need to seek advice.
  • Small business law
Small businesses are a vital component of the Albertan economy, accounting for up to 95% of companies in the province. At Verhaeghe Law, we understand the challenges facing small business owners and we recognize that small companies face unique legal issues. We have many years of experience in working with small businesses across Alberta and we offer targeted, tailored services to cater to the needs of every client.

What are the benefits of hiring a corporate lawyer?

The legalities involved with running a business, providing a service and becoming an employer often don't become apparent until a business owner needs legal advice. Being proactive in seeking advice from the outset can save time, effort and stress. Our experienced corporate lawyers are on hand to provide tailored advice about every aspect of commercial law and running a business legally. We have extensive experience in working with corporations and enterprises across Alberta and we have an in-depth knowledge of the rules, regulations and laws that govern business ownership. From ambitious entrepreneurs with grand plans for a start-up to established corporations, we provide a broad spectrum of services to suit your requirements. One of the most significant benefits of hiring an experienced business lawyer is having access to expert advice. Business and corporate law can be complex. We work with our clients to simplify processes, oversee corporate transactions, resolve disputes quickly and facilitate growth and development.

Common legal issues faced by businesses

Business law is a multifaceted field, which covers a variety of issues from ownership, structuring and overseeing commercial transactions to handling mergers and acquisitions and real estate financing. In addition, corporate and business lawyers also provide advice and assistance for clients dealing with disputes and conflict. Examples of legal issues businesses may face include:
  • Employee disputes, including discrimination and harassment
  • Patent and copyright issues
  • Conflict with customers and complaints
  • Immigration audit
At Verhaeghe Law, we understand the potential impact of legal problems and disputes. As well as costing time and money, conflict can damage your professional reputation, threatening the future of the business. We work with our clients to identify solutions, liaise with other parties and address issues swiftly and effectively, representing your best interests at all times.

When should I hire a business lawyer?

Many people contact a business or corporate lawyer when they find themselves in a situation where they need help. While it is beneficial to reach out and seek advice, we strongly recommend contacting a corporate or small business lawyer at the start of the entrepreneurial journey. Business lawyers can assist with a broad spectrum of tasks from the outset, minimizing the risk of complications arising, ensuring your business operates legally and protecting your reputation. Our experienced lawyers handle everything from structuring and registration to disputes with employees and customers and we provide customized services and solutions for clients on an ongoing basis. We are proud to have strong, long-lasting relationships with clients across Alberta. Having access to experts in business and commercial law can prevent legal issues, facilitate smooth, stress-free transactions and free up valuable time for business owners to focus on core elements of running the enterprise.


Business and corporate law relate to commercial activities and issues faced by companies and corporations. This is a varied field, which covers a wide range of services. If you're looking to set up a new business, you're considering leaving a company or restructuring, you're keen to merge your business with another or you'd like advice about disputes or disagreements, our team is here to help. To book a consultation, simply give us a call or get in touch online and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We work with businesses of all sizes across a spectrum of industries and we provide a personalized service.

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