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Family Law

An introduction to family law

Family law concerns legal matters that relate to the family unit. If you are getting divorced or you have children with a partner and you want to discuss custody, you will benefit from hiring a family lawyer. Family lawyers specialize in divorce and separation, child custody, sharing and division of assets, adoption and guardianship. The primary role of a family lawyer is to represent their client, protecting their best interests as well as other parties involved, including children and vulnerable individuals.

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Do I need to hire a family lawyer if I am getting divorced?

Divorce is a legal process, which brings a marriage to a close. In Canada, there were approximately 2.7 million divorced people in 2020. If you are married and you want to get divorced, an experienced family lawyer can help to alleviate stress, explain the processes and stages involved in getting a divorce and ensure that your rights and interests are respected and valued at all times. Divorce can be complex, conflicts can arise and discussions are not always pleasant or amicable. Having an expert lawyer in your corner will maximize the chances of reaching an agreement and give you peace of mind.

How can a family lawyer help with child custody?

One of the most distressing and complex elements of negotiating divorce proceedings is deciding who will get custody of children. In some cases, the parents will come to a decision without the need for legal intervention, but often, there are disputes, with both parties wanting custody of a child. If you have reservations about your partner having custody or you have been threatened by a partner, it is critical to hire a family lawyer. Our experienced family legal team will fight your corner to identify solutions, resolve conflicts and ensure that the process is completed as smoothly as possible. From offering advice to helping clients to secure full custody, we are here to help.

What happens if I'm not married and I need legal advice?

Divorce often springs to mind when people hear the words family law, but family law is a field that covers many different kinds of relationships and issues that pertain to the family unit. Many people are choosing to live together and bring up children without getting married and this can present different challenges if the couple separates. We have expertise in common-law partnerships, civil unions and other forms of domestic relationships and we provide customized, tailored advice and recommendations for each and every client. Whether you have questions about custody or you want to find out more about dividing assets, our experienced team of family lawyers can assist you.

Legal advice for adoption

Adopting a child is an incredibly exciting prospect, but the process is not always simple. Adoption requires individuals to complete a series of processes. Hiring a family lawyer can be beneficial to eliminate stress, provide essential information and guidance and facilitate speedy progress.

Legal advice for guardianship

Parents want to ensure that their children will be looked after and protected if they die or they are unable to care for their child. Our family lawyers can help parents to complete the process of appointing legal guardians with minimal stress.

How can a family lawyer help me if I want to get divorced?

Divorce can be emotionally and physically draining, even in the most amicable of circumstances. It can be difficult to process that a marriage is coming to an end and on top of the emotional strain, there are practicalities to consider and often, others to think about too. At Verhaeghe Law, we have over 50 years of experience in divorce law and we provide our clients with a personalized service. Here are some key areas in which hiring experienced divorce lawyers can be beneficial:
  • Explaining and outlining the grounds for divorce
  • Managing debts
  • Dividing and distributing assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Protecting children
  • Mediation
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child support
Over several decades, we have navigated and negotiated hundreds of divorces, providing a customized service for every client. No two cases are the same and every individual will enter into the process with different concerns and requirements. From amicable relationships and collaborative divorces to scenarios that result in conflict and disagreement, we understand the complexities and sensitive nature of divorce and we have the expertise to help clients in every situation.

What should I look for in a family lawyer?

For many of us, our families are the most important thing in our lives. Issues that affect the family unit can be incredibly distressing and unsettling and they can also have legal implications. Hiring a family lawyer is essential in some cases and in others, it can be hugely beneficial. When you are searching for a family lawyer, it's wise to look for lawyers who are:
  • Experienced in family law
  • Focused on delivering a personalized service
  • Compassionate and understanding
  • Professional
  • Willing to go the extra mile to protect the best interests of the client
  • Experienced in mediation
  • Willing to devote time and attention to every case
At Verhaeghe Law, we specialize in family law, offering a broad spectrum of services to support clients going through divorce or separation, clients looking to adopt a child or appoint a guardian and clients seeking advice about marriage and prenuptial agreements. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that respects and values each individual. We understand the complexities and sensitivities of family law and we go above and beyond to protect our clients and the people that matter most to them.


Family law covers a wide range of legal matters associated with the family unit. Divorce is the most common area, but family law also relates to marriage, child custody, guardianship and adoption. If you have any questions about family law, you're looking for advice from experienced divorce lawyers or you'd like more information about family law services in Alberta, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are here to help. Call us now or get in touch online to schedule a consultation.

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