Verhaeghe Law Office In West Edmonton Welcomes Stony Plain Family Clients

The firm can help local clients resolve legal issues surrounding divorce, child custody, property and finance division reports, and more:


(Alberta, Canada)--Verhaeghe Law Office In West Edmonton is pleased to welcome clients in the Stony Plain area. Located on 170th Street in West Edmonton just five minutes north of Stony Plain Road, the full-service law firm is now accepting new family and divorce clients in their local office. Those who visit the office will enjoy free parking, and an experienced Stony Plain Family Lawyer can help clients who are considering divorce learn more about their options and get the information they need to make critical decisions about their next steps.

"Divorce is ranked as one of the top five stressful things that can happen in a person's life, and it affects everyone involved, including children, extended family, and certainly the divorcing couple. Unfortunately, the complex legal issues that surround divorce like prenuptial agreements, asset division, and child custody can make a tough situation even more traumatic and confusing. Fortunately, this is where a Family Lawyer Stony Plain can step in and help. With over 50 years of practice under our belts, our experienced lawyers provide superior legal advice and representation that has helped many families reach satisfactory agreements in even the toughest of divorce situations," said Lawyer Richard Verhaeghe of the Verhaeghe Law Office.

Simply put, the lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office have a proven track record of diligent representation, personal and compassionate service, and high client satisfaction. The office is currently the most Google-reviewed firm in the Edmonton area as well as one of Edmonton's 3 best-rated practices. Each Stony Plain Divorce Lawyer at Verhaeghe Law Office is well-versed in family law and its accompanying issues and work hard to achieve resolution both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Lawyer Verhaeghe went on to say, "Filing for divorce is never an easy decision, but sometimes families have to do what's best for them. We know that clients already have enough on their plates to deal with, and this is why our firm is committed to taking care of the details. We handle the tough stuff, fighting for our client's needs and helping them get the most beneficial results. Whether someone is just in need of some legal advice or is ready to start the divorce process, they can count on our Stony Plain team to be right there with them every step of the way."

About Verhaeghe Law Office:

As a full-service law firm, Verhaeghe Law Office's team of Edmonton lawyers has years of experience working both in and out of local courtrooms with clients of all backgrounds and ages. The firm places an emphasis on family law, divorce law, child custody, child support, litigation, matrimonial property and separation in Edmonton, Alberta.

Media Contact:

Richard Verhaeghe
Suite 203, 10525-170 Street N.W.
Edmonton, AB, T5P 4W2, Canada

Telephone: (587) 410-2500



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