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Record Suspensions Lawyer

In Canada, holding a criminal record can be a barrier to education, employment opportunities, international travel, and reintegration into society. In order to ease the process of rehabilitating past offenders, the Parole Board of Canada may decide to award eligible applicants with a record suspension.

What is a Record Suspension?

Formerly referred to as a "pardon," a record suspension allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence to have their criminal record removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. Past offenders may be eligible for a record suspension after they've completed their sentences, and have demonstrated that they are law-abiding citizens for a predetermined number of years.

After being awarded a record suspension, a person's criminal record will not appear in a search of the CPIC database. That means that, if past offenders decide to apply for a job or an educational opportunity, neither their past convictions nor their record suspension will appear in criminal record check. However, if a record suspension is granted to a former sex offender, the offence for which they were convicted will be visible in a vulnerable sector check, routinely performed for people applying to work or volunteer with those in the vulnerable sector, such as children or seniors.

Record suspensions do not erase past convictions, nor do they guarantee a previous offender the ability to travel internationally. However, receiving a record suspension can have a meaningful impact on those seeking honest reintegration into society by helping them jumpstart a new, productive chapter of their lives.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for a record suspension, or if you need help with your application, an Edmonton record suspensions lawyer may be able to review the details of your circumstances in a free, initial consultation, and provide you with useful assistance and advice.

Who is Eligible for a Record Suspension in Edmonton?

According to the Criminal Records Act, people can apply for a record suspension if:

  • As an adult, they were convicted of a federal offence within Canada, or:
  • They were convicted of a crime in another country and were transferred to Canada while serving that sentence.

In order to apply for a record suspension, the applicant must have completed all of their sentences, including any terms of imprisonment, probation orders, as well as the payment of fines and/or other required fees. After the completion of all of their sentences, people applying for record suspensions must wait a prescribed number of years from the date of their most recent offence in order to meet the eligibility requirements mandated by the Parole Board of Canada.

How an Edmonton Record Suspensions Lawyer Can Help

Beginning in March 2021, Edmonton residents applying for a record suspension will be required to pay an application fee of more than $650. Since the cost of simply applying for a record suspension is substantial, before submitting an application, it is important to ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements.

An experienced Edmonton Record Suspensions Lawyer may be able to answer any questions you have about whether you qualify for a record suspension, and help you submit a thorough and accurate application. To learn more about how Verhaeghe Law Office can help, contact us today.

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