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If you’re seeking the support of a professional lawyer to assist with estate litigation and related actions, Verhaeghe Law Office is the name to know.

For years our experts have been supporting property owners, trustees, and estate representatives with estate litigation proceedings, and we’ll work hard to understand your situation and bring you the help you need.

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Not all estate administration matters are the same. In fact, we’ve seen high value and complex estate and trust disputes arise that require dispute resolution and contentious court proceedings. Whether you are an estate trustee, beneficiary, estate representative or another party – our Edmonton estate litigation lawyers can provide you with cost-effective legal solutions for your estate litigation matters. Estate litigation lawyers are trained to deal with this very contentious area of law and also understand family dynamics and will take an effort to explain every step of your claim to you so that you’re fully aware of all the pros and cons. Our estate litigation lawyers will also give you legal advice and representation that best represents your interests. Contact our law firm today to book a consultation to see how we can help.

Understanding Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is a formal legal process that follows the loss of a loved one. It is the process of understanding how the deceased’s estate will be divided between their family members and other parties. While the loved one may have left a will, indicating their wishes, disputes often arise about who has the right to the estate after their death. These disputes are often emotional and very personal to those involved, and having an unbiased and professional third party present can make all the difference.

The role of an estate litigation lawyer is to provide guidance and advice to beneficiaries and estate trustees on a variety of challenges, including:

  • Will disputes
  • Relief claims
  • Capacity issues
  • Will interpretation

The team at Verhaeghe Law Office has the experience and expertise to carefully investigate and research the legal details of a will and file a petition to the court. We can also help your family navigate these proceedings in the absence of a will.

Competitive Rates on Legal Assistance for an Estate Litigator

On top of being an emotionally turbulent time, losing a loved one can also be an expensive process. From paying for funeral expenses and other end-of-life costs, the average family could be out up to 10,000 dollars.

While you may be trying to save money, hiring a lawyer to deal with interpersonal estate litigation is of high value, and our team is happy to offer our quality services at competitive rates.

If you’re interested to learn just how much estate litigation will cost, we invite you to reach our experts by phone or email. We’ll be happy to provide you with pricing details before we get started working on your case.

Types of Different Estate and Trust Disputes

Estate and trust disputes can arise in numerous instances. Which is why estate planning is critical – so that your loved ones and other parties have minimal room to interject after you have passed away. However, if individuals have not done proper estate planning or if disputes arise after you have passed away – there is legal recourse available.

Here are some types of estate litigation matters that we have assisted clients with (please note this list is not exhaustive and we are able to assist on all types of estate litigation matters if your claim has merit):

  • Passing of accounts
  • Trust variations
  • Guardianship matters
  • Court applications
  • Breach of duty or gross misconduct by executors
  • Executor compensation
  • Disputes involving administration of an estate or trust
  • Cross-border and multijurisdictional legal issues
  • Challenges to Wills
  • Will and Trust interpretations
  • Dependant support and relief claims
  • Defence of solicitor negligence
  • Quantum Merit Claims
  • Removing estate trustee/executors
  • Incapacity claims
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Individuals left out of a will
  • Appealing how assets are distributed
  • Ascertaining the validity of a will
  • Securing a copy of the will after death
  • Dealing with family members when a will was changed or challenged before death
  • Defending the division of assets
  • Appealing the management of the funds of the estates
  • Acting for third parties or interested parties not included in the will
  • And more

How can an Edmonton Estate litigation lawyer help me?

Estate and trust challenges can be very complex areas of law that are accompanied by high emotion – especially during times of grief when a loved one has passed on. Hiring an Edmonton litigation lawyer can ensure that your best interests and rights are protected – whether you are an executor, beneficiary or another interested party. If you are experiencing disputes involving an estate or trust – contact an estate litigation lawyer today to review your case details.

Work Closely with a Team of Professional Litigators

When it comes to personal and familial legal matters after the passing of a loved one, emotions run high. It is extremely common for individuals to feel frustrated and for disputes to arise – but Verhaeghe Law Office can help.

Our legal experts have years of extensive experience with these matters and will work hard to help your family and all beneficiaries come to an agreement. First and foremost, we will interpret the will and work to respect the dying wishes of the deceased.

We understand just how sensitive these matters can be and look forward to providing our professional knowledge and guidance in difficult situations.

If you have questions about the role of an estate litigator or want to learn more about the work we do, we invite you to reach our offices.

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