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Verhaeghe Law Office is operating and working successfully in the Edmonton area and is open to taking on cases of all shapes and sizes. Estate law is a facet of life that can be very tedious and your Edmonton disputes should be handled with aplomb. Our legal team has all the experience in the world when it comes to dealing with estate law and wills, so you can count on us to provide the correct results. 

Our Edmonton professionals know the area and the people around them, so you won't be surprised to learn that we have a solid client-centric reputation. We don't just treat our cases and clients like just another job – we'll take on board every piece of vital information and do what we can for each person we encounter. 

If you're interested in our services, then check out the list of legal matters that we will be able to help you with in this regard:

How Can We Be Of Service?

What can we offer in terms of our estate law services?


Writing a will and distributing your property can be quite tedious. It can also be an emotional practice. If you aren't aware of what moves to make, then we'll be able to outline everything for you. 

Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a written authorization that will represent another's behalf in private affairs, business, or any other legal matter. The individual authorizing the other to act is known as the principal or donor. This kind of practice may be necessary when dealing with the basics of estate law and anything that follows.

Probate Applications When Necessary

Once someone is deceased, their property may not be distributed properly or to the correct groups. When looking to receive this, one will need to apply for probate. We will be able to assist with this kind of action.

Estate Litigation

There are lots of tedious and intricate laws regarding estate, and we know just how to handle things. There may be lots of tricky and convoluted aspects that need to be ironed out and discussed. Often, the end goal is to have it varied or to declare it void. 

Estate Disputes 

Things can become a little awkward between parties whenever an estate must be distributed after death. We can help out and find the correct solution in this case.

Estate Settlements 

Closing out a dispute or finalizing one's estate can also be quite challenging. At our Edmonton firm, we can help to find the right conclusion regarding the estate of an individual. 

Planning Solutions Of Estates

When you or a loved one passes on, the world will continue to spin. The future of loved ones will need to be resolved, and we can plan out things for them going forward. 

Minimizing Probate Fees

When looking to receive probate, fees can get in the way and be a hindrance. We will be able to help out with the lowering of prices and fees that come with it all.

Charitable Planning

If you or anyone close to you knows of causes that mean a lot to them, then they can give to these organizations during their lifetime or after their death. If you wish to support someone or something long after you're gone, then charitable planning can be a wonderful move.

For instance, you might wish to make regular charitable donations or leave a gift behind after you've left us. We can assist you with this kind of gesture.

Property Succession

When one leaves this world, their property may need to be succeeded by another individual or group. This process can be awkward, so we'll be on hand to ensure it moves over the line properly. 

High Net Worth Estate Planning

When it comes to the estate and planning of those with a high net worth, the stakes are obviously a lot higher. There are more moving parts, too. We have experience dealing with higher numbers and higher-pressure situations, so we'll be able to handle these cases finely. 

Passing Accounts

Once someone is deceased, their bank accounts and other precious accounts will stay behind. This will need to be resolved going forward and we'll be able to help you out with whatever needs to be passed along. 

We have all of the above, and so much more to offer. If you get in touch with us and talk about estate law in Edmonton, we'll be more than happy to explain in more detail. Whatever the issue, we'll be able to find a solution. 

Why Work With Us?

  • We empathize with our clients and absolutely put their needs/interests above all else.

  • We want our clients to be treated like that of friends or family.
  • We are, by many accounts, the top firm for any and all legal needs.
  • We represent the city of Edmonton and the province of Alberta wonderfully.
  • Letting things drag on and leaving things in the area are two things we absolutely do not want.
  • You'll get a speedy response from us whenever you enquire or work with us.

If you or someone in your life is in need of guidance or wishes to take action, then don't hesitate to contact us. We have offices in Athabasca, Whitecourt, and Edmonton, so you can access us pretty simply. 

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