How to Adopt A Child in Alberta

How to Adopt A Child in Alberta

In Alberta - almost anyone can apply to adopt a child. However, it’s not an easy process to be approved because there will be a lot of documentation and evidence that will need to be provided to demonstrate why it’s in the child’s best interest for the adoption order to be granted to the applicants. Between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 – there were approximately 225 granted adoption orders as well as 178 private guardianship orders according to adoption statistics in Alberta. Additionally, there were 54 international adoptions that took place during this same time period.

In Alberta – adoptions can take place through a variety of avenues including:

  1. Government care: Where children who have special needs and are unable to live with their biological parents are placed under permanent care of Children’s Services;
  2. Private adoption: Where you can adopt a child of a relative or spouse as well as through a private direct placement or licensed adoption agency; and/or
  3. International adoption:Where you can adopt a child who lives in another country.

Adopting Stepchildren in Alberta

The legal process involved in adopting stepchildren in Alberta begins with a court application that is governed by the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. A family lawyer can assist in this process – especially with the application filing, affidavits, applicable consents and other legal documents that may arise throughout the course of your case. In addition to preparing the filings and work on your behalf – a lawyer will also appear in court on your behalf when necessary. In some situations – the courts will also require consent from the stepchildren or birth parents in order for the adoption to proceed successfully.

At Verhaeghe Law – we have helped many families with adopting their stepchildren. If you are in need of legal assistance with regards to adoption matters, contact our law firm today and speak directly with a member of our legal team.

Documents Required for Adoptions

In most adoptions – the courts will require an extensive list of documentation. Here is a rudimentary list which is by no means exhaustive but gives you insight on the types of documents that may be required for adoption:

  • Intervention record check
  • Security clearance check
  • References
  • Medical documents
  • Financial statements
  • Personal legal documents and more

It is also important to note that adoptions are not free. Administration and registration fees associated with adoption (not including legal fees) can start as low as $10,000. Applicants will also be required to undergo formal training and seminars in preparation for adoption which may also cost extra.

How Edmonton Adoption Lawyers Can Help With Adoptions

At Verhaeghe Law – our Edmonton adoption lawyers can help families with legal assistance in a variety of different adoption matters including but not limited to:

  • Open adoptions
  • Closed adoptions
  • Public adoptions
  • Private adoptions
  • Adoption of children in government care or with special needs
  • Adoption of older children
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Extended family adoptions
  • Nonrelative adoptions
  • Adoptions by same-sex couples

If you are looking for legal assistance with respect to adopting a child in Alberta – contact our Edmonton law firm today and speak directly with one of our adoption lawyers. We are conveniently located in the Mayfield Business Centre and have provided numerous families with legal assistance regarding their adoption matters.

*Please note the content of this blog offers a general overview and does not constitute legal advice as every case is unique from one another. We encourage you to seek legal advice from a family lawyer for any answers related to adoption matters in Alberta.

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