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Builders’ Liens in Peace River

Everyone needs to get paid. It’s the number one rule of business. You wouldn’t start a job without knowing for sure that compensation is on the way. Yet all across Alberta contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and construction companies are getting ripped off for their hard work. How could this be happening?

Greedy land developers and general contractors hire companies to complete portions of their con-struction projects and then don’t pay them when the work is done. They may even be profiting from the completed project, and still, no payments have been made. There’s a solution though. An Alberta builders’ lien is a legal guarantee that you will get paid for your work. Verhaeghe Law Office has been filing Builders Liens in Peace River and across Alberta for many years. Our experienced lawyers will help you get the money you’re owed.

What is a Builders Lien?

Whenever a company has been hired to contribute work or materials to a construction project, they can file a lien against the general contractor or developer that hired them. A builders’ lien is a legal document that holds the developer or general contractor accountable for the work that has been done.

It can be filed for massive industrial projects or small home renovations, so long as the work is consid-ered as an “improvement” that is fixed to a piece of land. This applies to development projects that have been completed and to those that have been abandoned. Work that is not fixed to the land (pieces that are mobile and can be removed from the property) is not eligible for builders’ liens.

When can a Lien be Filed?

In Alberta, a builders’ lien cannot be filed later than 45 after the completion of a project. It is, there-fore, a good idea to file a lien as soon as possible once the work has started. If the lien is not filed with-in this period of time, it won’t be a valid means to get the money you’re owed.

Who Can File a Lien?

That’s where we come in. Alberta’s Builders’ Lien Act is a great tool but it’s also very complicated. There are many strict requirements outlined in it that can make it difficult for the non-professional to understand.

As in the case of many other legal procedures, it’s always best to have a professional lawyer file the paperwork for you. Verhaeghe Law Office has been working with the legalities of residential, commercial, and industrial construction for a long time. Our experienced lawyers can advise you on your rights and help you get compensated for the work you’ve done.

The Peace River Lawyers Who Will Get You Paid

One of the tricky things is that filing a builders’ lien won’t necessarily get you paid. There are so many technicalities involved that it’s easy to make a small mistake that will cost you in the end. That’s why it’s very important to contact law professionals. With a proven track record for getting contractors the money they’re owed, Verhaeghe Law Office is the number one choice in Peace River and Northern Alberta.