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Professional and Compassionate Child Custody Lawyer in Morinville

Divorce is extremely stressful for everyone involved. While studies have shown that children recover their emotional health after a divorce and even prefer living in a divorced household to a dysfunctional one, there’s no doubt that child custody negotiations can be a bitter and emotional affair for many Morinville residents.

But the fact is that, even if your family isn’t as happy as it once was, your children deserve the safety and security of a legally mediated child custody agreement. Whether you’re splitting up as friends or as two persons who’d rather not talk to one another ever again, both parties in the divorce owe it to their children to have a child custody agreement that meets everyone’s needs, but especially those of your kids.

This doesn’t mean there needs to be a trial or a bitter contested divorce, but applying for shared or sole custody, like most aspects of family law, is an extremely complicated process. To understand this complex legal structure, it’s important to find a family lawyer you can trust who takes the time to explain things to you in a simple and direct way.

Verhaeghe Law Office is the best family law firm for anyone in Morinville dealing with the stresses and upset of divorce. Whether you are only looking to acquire visitation rights or want to secure sole custody as your children’s caregiver, the team at Verhaeghe Law Office is professional, compassionate, and willing to listen to your needs and put them at the heart of our mission as your legal representatives.

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Morinville

Verhaeghe Law Office has been in business as Alberta’s top family law firm for over 50 years. Now run by Richard Verhaeghe and a core team of support staff and Edmonton’s top legal talent, everyone at Verhaeghe Law Office is prepared to go the extra mile to obtain a favourable and fair resolution for you and your loved ones, respecting the laws of the province and everyone’s emotional health too.

But negotiating child custody isn’t only part of divorce proceedings. If an agreement isn’t working for you or your family—maybe you feel like you don’t get to see your children as often as you and they would like, or maybe your circumstances have changed professionally—then come into our conveniently located West Edmonton office to talk about a possible renegotiation. If you feel like the child custody agreement you have made in the past is unfair or if you’re wondering whether it’s still binding or legal, you need a talented and professional family lawyer to help advise you.

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Whether you’re geared up for a lengthy fight for your rights as a parent with your ex-spouse or have a friendly agreement that you want made official, don’t let your fear of complicated Alberta family law stand in the way of getting a resolution that’s best for you and your children. Call Verhaeghe Law Office for professional and successful representation at reasonable rates. We’re Morinville’s top choice for family law. Call us today!