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Corporate Lawyer in Barrhead

Owning a growing business is exciting. It can also be stressful. At a certain point, your business may get too big for you to handle alone. For many business owners in Barrhead, this happens when their business starts making over $60,000. Taxes, payroll, legal liability, and more, become very complicated to deal with alone. In that situation, many decide to incorporate their business. For that, you need a lawyer.

Verhaeghe Law Office offers professional corporate law services to the business owners of Barrhead. Whether you already have a corporation, or you are looking to incorporate your small business, we can help. It’s not just advisable to get a lawyer on your side. It’s practically impossible to start or run a corporation without one. There are simply too many variables at play. Let us handle your paperwork, while you run your business.

Why Do I Need a Corporate Lawyer to Incorporate My Business?

Technically speaking you don’t. There are instructions on the Service Alberta website. But the instructions there and elsewhere, do not help with the complicated legalities that need to be negotiated when incorporating. Part of incorporating your small business is setting up the legal structure of your corporation. The document that comes out of this process is called the Article of Incorporation. Writing the article of incorporation requires a significant amount of legal expertise, both on the provincial and federal levels.

Our corporate law team can help you to navigate the complicated terrain of taxes, law, and business. Part of our job is to take the dense and difficult material and explain it to you in clear and simple terms. If you are a majority shareholder, will still be the one making the decisions for your business. We just give you the ability to make them effectively.

What Can Verhaeghe Law Office Do for Your Corporation?

We also offer many services for incorporated companies in Barrhead. We can draft non-disclosure agreements. We can help negotiate high-profile contracts for both clients and new employees. Much of the work we do is in mergers and acquisitions. The legal process required for acquiring a new company or merging into a new corporation is extremely complicated. It is virtually impossible to do it without a corporate lawyer.

In the event that your corporation enters into a legal conflict, either as plaintiff or defendant, you will need legal representation. If you’re running a business, it’s likely that this will happen at some point. It’s good to be prepared. Having quality representation is an essential component of running a corporate business.

Corporate Lawyers You Can Trust

The world of business is extremely competitive. To succeed you need every advantage on your side. That means hiring a corporate law firm with an established reputation for high standards. Whether you are incorporating your small business or need legal representation for your corporation, we’re the top choice in Barrhead and the surrounding areas of Northern Alberta. Contact us for a consultation today.