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COVID-19 Employment Law Questions for the Province of Alberta

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There is currently a lot of uncertainty with the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus in Alberta. Given the uncertainty of how long this unprecedented situation will last – we have seen an increase in questions from both employers and employees on Alberta employment law matters as they relate to changes to employment and business operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are an employer, employee and/or business owner - there have been some developments in the last few weeks on workplace law in Alberta which you need to be aware of - and we recommend you consult with an Alberta employment lawyer for legal advice on employment law matters during this time. While the Province of Alberta has provided extensive COVID-19 info for Albertans on their website regarding Coronavirus - our Alberta employment lawyers at Verhaeghe Law have come up with a list of questions that we have encountered and offered legal advice on since the situation has escalated.

COVID-19 Most Commonly Asked Questions in Alberta for Employment Law & Workplace Matters

  • What happens if an employee contracts COVID-19 and is unable to work?
  • Are employers allowed to layoff or fire staff if they contract COVID-19?
  • What happens if employees do not want to work or productivity declines due to their fear of contracting COVID-19? What are my rights as an employer or employee in Alberta?
  • What does a business or organization do if an employee has tested for COVID-19 in Alberta?
  • What does a business or organization do if an employee may have an unconfirmed case of COVID-19 and/or is showing symptoms in Alberta?
  • What can an employer do if their employees are not following social distancing protocols in Alberta?
  • What are employer rights with respect to temporary lay offs?
  • What are an employees' rights with respect to temporary lay offs?
  • What are employers supposed to do once their business has been ordered to close by the government and what are the legalities involved?
  • Are employees still covered under benefits plan during temporary layoffs?
  • What if an employee has COVID-19 and is unable to work in Alberta?
  • Are employers required to pay employees if their employees are out of work if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Are employers required to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their staff?
  • Where can Alberta employers and employees get regular updates on COVID-19 in Alberta?
  • Are employers required to take employees temperatures to determine whether they have been infected or at risk of infecting other employees?
  • Can employees be disciplined for refusing to work if they are classified as an essential business?
  • What steps do we need to take if an employee has come into close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • Are employers required to report on COVID-19 cases in their workplace to regional authorities?
  • How do employers handle employees who have been away traveling or are unwilling to follow quarantine and self-isolation processes?
  • What are the protocols for working remotely?
  • What if a business or organization needs to replace sick employees on a temporary basis to operate?
  • What are the provincial and federal economic response plans and how can they help me?
  • What do I need to consider if I'm developing continuity plans for our business or organization?
  • And more

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