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The cost of divorce is steep. Between independent property valuations, divorce mediation, and billable hours, filing for divorce in Morinville can be an expensive affair. And that’s before any judgments are made by the court or a settlement is reached.

But the cost of not filing for divorce can be much greater. We’re not just talking about the actual monetary price you’ll pay to dissolve a marriage in Morinville, but the emotional toll that can build up on you and your loved ones after weeks of sleepless nights and arguments. In fact, the chronic stress that results from difficult situations like divorce can even have serious impacts on your mental and physical health.

For affordable divorce lawyers in Morinville who will fight for your rights as a parent and as an independent person starting a new chapter of your life, look no further than Verhaeghe Law Office. We’re one of the top law firms in Alberta for matters of family law and child custody mediation. We’re not afraid to go to court if necessary to get you the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

What Makes Verhaeghe Law Office Different From Other Divorce Lawyers in Morinville?

Family law in Alberta is confusing for the average Morinville resident. The horror stories you hear about divorce cases in which one client lost everything? Well, that’s probably because they didn’t have adequate counsel or, even worse, they decided to represent themselves.

The lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office go out of their way to make sure we explain complex legal concepts to you in plain language. We’ll provide our best overview of the matters at hand, and then give you our experienced and educated take on the situation. This allows you to best make the decisions that are right for you and your loved ones. The best part? We offer all our services at competitive prices considering the level of experience you get.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, like unhappy families, every divorce is different. Without knowing you and the particulars of your case, we can’t advise you on how long your divorce will take.

However, uncomplicated and ‘simple’ divorces in the eyes of the law are those in which:

  • The divorce is ‘uncontested’ (both parties to the marriage agree to it)
  • Both parties have been living apart for at least six months
  • Neither party has any children
  • Division of property is mediated in a settlement beforehand without court appearances

With these parameters met, filing for divorce becomes much simpler and can take only a few weeks. The reality is often much more complicated. But help from a competent and professional team can work wonders in terms of obtaining a secure and fair divorce for you and yours.

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