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Family Law in Slave Lake

If you are dealing with issues pertaining to family law without the guidance of a lawyer, you could be at a serious disadvantage. Aside from the time and energy the case demands, you might also be going through a difficult time in your personal life. Often these legal matters are related to your personal life. This burden of stress can make it difficult to comprehend the many facets of family law, to see things clearly, and to work with the other involved parties to resolve the matter at hand.

Self-representation in matters of family law can also reflect poorly on you. No matter how competent you may be, it can suggest foolhardiness and a lack of caution. When you are pursuing justice or reparations you want to seem as professional and clear-headed as possible. What is more professional than the services of an expert lawyer? With proper legal representation, you will be helped not harmed.

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we can help you. We are a law firm with years of experience that offers a full suite of legal services. This means that we have the skill sets for handling a variety of sensitive family-related matters. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for our Slave Lake clients. We are trained to resolve disputes in numerous ways, including litigation, negotiations with the opposing counsel and mediation.

Verhaeghe Law Office: Sensitive to the Stresses of Family Court

The matters which fall under the jurisdiction of family law are often very sensitive and high-stress. Family law cases may have to do with the child protection or the responsibilities that the two opposing parties have toward a child. When children are involved in legal matters, we know that the last thing anyone wants is the drawn-out courtroom battles popularized by movies and television. Despite the fact that our legal team has spent much time in courtrooms, have won cases and will fight for any client, we know that family law is very different.

These are delicate matters that we do not take lightly. Our attention to detail will ensure that your legal advice and representation is second to none.

First Things First With Verhaeghe Law Office’s Family Lawyers

If you’re in the throes of a dispute with a family member, be it a legal separation, issues of child custody or assets, Verhaeghe Law Office will first draft a letter to the opposing party letting them know that you have a lawyer and the other party should also seek one out if they have not done so already. This first letter of contact will always end by telling them to have their lawyer contact your lawyer regarding all legal matters from here on out. Both parties having adequate legal representation is always preferred, as a hot-headed self-representing family member can quickly make tense matters much worse. Legal support can provide both parties with needed mediation to allow for clear negotiations and planning.

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