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What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do

Corporate Lawyer in Edmonton

Verhaeghe Law Office makes understanding, adapting to and anticipating complex corporate law easy. Our strategy involves heavy amounts of research, preparation and the depth of experience to expedite the process, producing desirable results. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive in to discover opportunities in regulation that translate into increased profitability for you. Members of our firm’s corporate law team stay on the cutting edge of shifts in governmental regulations and enforcement. We track and predict changes in shareholder demands and entity requirements across a wide breadth of industries, here in Edmonton, and around the globe.

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Company Law Protections

The diversity of our practice groups, and size of our firm allow us to employ highly technical individuals with years of experience working in the sectors you dominate. We provide a full suite of protections and a wide range of area coverage from our dedicated company law advisors. We offer leading edge guidance and representation in the following areas and more!

  • Drafting

Drafting articles that are both concise and easy to understand is a cornerstone of what we do. This approach ensures that every article and proposal we write meets the standards expected of a dependable corporate law firm. 

  • Negotiations

From minor issues to substantial problems across the board, negotiations are a vital element of maintaining your business reputation. Our corporate legal team are experts in communication to ensure there you achieve the perfect solution. 

  • Contract review

Contract reviews can often be filled with tricky language and unclear information that could affect both you and your employees. Working with corporate law professionals, you can avoid any issues and promote confidence in every contract signed. 

  • Corporate formation

If you are starting a business, our corporate law team can offer advice and guidance through every step of the process. This will involve identifying the correct licensing and certifications while also ensuring you report to the relevant authorities. 

  • Operational strategy

Your company's operation strategy is crucial for achieving your business goals. However, it is often not as straightforward as you would like. Corporate law advice and guidance can help you analyze and determine the best avenues to explore without overstepping your boundaries.

  • Litigation claims

No company wants to deal with litigation and our corporate lawyers will strive to mitigate disputes from employees, managers, and unions to prevent issues from escalating further. 

  • Corporate securities

From financial reports to disclosures about pending litigations or disappointing earnings, corporate securities are an essential part of running a business. To ensure that you do not miss out on any crucial details that could unintentionally deceive shareholders, make sure you take advantage of our corporate securities service. 

  • Finance

Business finances can be tricky, especially for small businesses that are unsure how to best separate their personal accounts from their business accounts. You never want to be on the end of financial scrutiny, and our corporate law and finance experts will help you identify everything that you need to declare so that you do not risk possible sanctions. 

  • Venture capital

Small businesses are always in need of more funding to help push towards growth. Our venture capital lawyers can help your small business identify the most profitable avenues for investors to help you expand your business. Besides this, we will also assist with mergers and acquisitions and general corporate work to ensure a streamlined experience. 

  • Research

Research is an integral element of any business success. We are happy to assist with any research demands you have to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape to help your company fulfill its potential.

Business Litigation Stategists

We know that many times, keeping things from escalating to court for resolution is key to smooth operations. Our top negotiators work to settle disputes quickly, produce quality contracts, navigate corporate arrangements and to support your organization through mergers, acquisitions and taxation. Our representation means knowing what to expect and being prepared in advance, for any legal proceedings. We comb through the fine print with a seasoned eye for hidden details to present you with all of the options you need to make intuitive, forward-thinking decisions.

With our expert business litigation strategists, we guarantee that you can stay out of the courtroom and instead reach a reasonable solution for both parties. We understand that some issues can harm business relationships, often beyond repair. This is why our keen, careful, and considered approach to corporate law is renowned for being the most effective in Edmonton. 

Duties of a Corporate Lawyer

Our primary focus is enabling you to complete all of the transactions and dealings you wish to accomplish, according to the most recent laws and regulations available. Our longstanding success as reliable corporate law partners makes us an asset to organizations in every industry. We get to know the detailed aspect of the nature of your work from the ground up, so we can provide actionable options for growth and success while protecting the value and longevity of your business.

A corporate lawyer is responsible for helping your business - whether large or small - navigate the corporate world. They can provide actionable advice that is crucial for avoiding issues that can plague and severely damage companies. 

Our corporate law team will help your business maintain its reputation and establish a clear and achievable plan for the future. The more prepared you are for the array of challenges your business will face, the better your chances of success are. These successes may not be possible without advice from a corporate lawyer, so don't hesitate to get in touch today. 

Commercial Law in Edmonton 

What is commercial law?

While corporate law regularly deals with elements of the business, including starting a business or settling employer/employee disputes, commercial law relates to corporates, enterprises and even small businesses making money from their product or service. When dealing with these issues, businesses will need to employ a commercial lawyer. 

What is a commercial lawyer? 

Commercial lawyers are responsible for protecting your company's business interests. Many commercial lawyers specialize in a particular area, such as Intellectual Property or Technology. Others are tasked with identifying prime real estate locations for your company to set up shop.

They share many similarities with corporate lawyers, but while there is an overlap in their skillset, there are a few differences, also. 

Duties of a Commercial Lawyer 

A commercial lawyer will require exceptional research skills, and this is enhanced with a level of curiosity that enables them to continue digging deeper. To the outsider, this may not seem so important, but it could prove vital for commercial lawyers hoping to identify details hidden deep within a contract. 

This attention to detail will also benefit them in outlining and writing crucial business contracts. The slightest mistake could prove disastrous for the client, so they must ensure their attention to detail is exceptional along with communication skills that get to the point and are not open for interpretation. 

The relationship between a commercial lawyer and their clients is also paramount. As the business landscape is continuously evolving, they will need to stay up to date with the industry and with their client's activities. The last thing a lawyer wants is for them to believe and use outdated information, as this reflects poorly on their abilities and the company they represent. By remaining up to date with everything within the industry, they understand contextual reasons for any changes, which will help them understand the best approach for solving problems. 

Even if you run a small business or a startup, there is the chance that your commercial lawyer may need to work with other companies at some point. Therefore, it's imperative that a commercial lawyer possesses the ability to work well as part of a team. This will vastly reduce the risk of misunderstandings and conflict, and allows them to reach the most appropriate solution for your situation. 

A Contract Lawyer Will Save You Time and Money

If you are a new enterprise to Edmonton, you may have considered skipping lawyers fees and adopting a DIY contract drafting process on your own. While this may work in the short-term, you won't have a professional who is familiar with the specifics of your case should legal problems arise. It's always better to seek a qualified professional to help you avoid problems right from the start than to bring someone new in when the floodgates are already open. We'll draft, review and bind documentation, facilitate contracts, and assist in mitigating and resolving any disputes.

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Corporate and Commercial law services can vastly improve your company's standing and ensure you can navigate a wide range of legal challenges. Our team of corporate and commercial law experts are happy to help with an array of queries you have regarding your business. 

Feel free to contact us today to request more information on our comprehensive corporate law services for businesses of all sizes with operations in Edmonton and beyond. Set up a consultation with our top minds, and explore the difference working with cutting edge experts makes to growth and long-term prosperity.

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